The Courts in Tenerife have gone on Strike

Started by Williamdobbs, November 19, 2018, 12:07:39

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I can report that a friend of mine left to have their case hear in the Canarian court only to arrive and find out that the judges have gone on strike and that no cases will be heard today and nobody knows when they will be heard.



Never heard of Judges going on strike and by law they are probably not allowed to withdraw their labour.
More likely your friend is being given excuses by the operation who "purports" to be representing him with a case against some timeshare company.


There is a strike today in the courts in the canaries with 50% of judges participating (It is for one day only)


Respectfully I do not know the law you believe exists but hey - its true. I agree I have never heard of Judges going on strike in England so its a first in my book.


It seems strange to me that the Supreme Courts in The Canaries are allowed to make abiding decisions on behalf of timeshare users who have been sold unlawful contracts when the courts in the UK seem unable to act or appear to be currently unwilling to act on behalf of UK timeshare users, irrespective of where in the European Union the contracts were signed, yet seemingly we are all, supposedly, currently operating under European Laws.

*A bit like communism. We are all equal but some are more equal than others.


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