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Timeshare talk Smashing all Records

Started by TimeshareTalk, December 01, 2018, 10:23:02

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Timeshare talk smashing all records

By December with one month to go Timeshare talk is proving to be the biggest Timeshare forum in Europe, therefore, living up to its claims.

So far this year, we have broken the most users online at any given moment in time, managed the site properly to ensure all 440 uses could access the information threads at the same time.

And despite the site results being based on 11 months, we have assisted visitors to opened over 7.3 million pages of information.

In references to our advertiser

Claims Funding has received the most clicked links 7,392: -

Followed by 'Advertise here' 7,392

The Timeshare Consumer Association 6,931

The Timeshare Association 6,784

TESS 4,413 with 32,176 Impressions

Athena Law 1,247 with 9,450 Impressions

Edwin Co with 1080 and 7,564 Impressions

Stuarts Law 987 and 2,895 Impressions

If you want to exploit the same opportunities private message me and join in the growth