Just a Good Holiday

Started by DavidCox, November 03, 2015, 19:00:09

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Guess who spent a week at Forest Hills Estepona this summer? Guess who went o a presentation of a timeshare product ?First ever timeshare resorts holiday. Guess who had a good Holiday ........ Me


Thats what timeshares should be about. Just a good holiday.

I expect you left one sales rep a little disappointed  :)

There are timeshare products out there in my opinion that have been made to complicated for a lot of folk who don't want to dance through so many loops to find out that they could not get the holiday they wanted.

Fixed weeks are the best bet for those that want to ensure that they got there own week to fall back on.
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Charlie said  (  I expect you left one sales rep a little disappointed ) or did he manage to sell you one with all his promises


After 10 min's of his introduction, I asked "I assume that if we continue with this meeting and I am happy with the product, you will want me to sign and pay something. In short " he said "yes",

I replied " then I want to see those forms first! that was not possible he explained and it was not the way they did it.

We did not agree, so I explained; if I thought the concept was great which I sure I would, there would be little point in me wasting a lot of his time only to have the deal vacated due to contractual unfairness.

He disagreed with my take on it and the presentation was over 10 or 20 min's. He was respectful and reasonable. He explained I could be missing out on a good opportunity and equally I explained that he was losing a potential sale.

No pressure, no insults and no bad feeling.

Nothing else to report really.

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