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Started by cmsammy, December 14, 2015, 16:19:51

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Hi all,

I surrendered my RCI pure points last December and RCI have confirmed that the surrender will be complete on 15th of December 2015 as long as all appropriate fees have been paid.

Diversified Resorts are demanding management fees for 2016 and are saying that the surrender will not complete if I do not pay. Their interpretation of the RCI conditions is that I have to pay any invoice raised during the surrender period, my argument is obvious, next years fees are not appropriate.

Anyone else had a similar problem ?



Hi cmsammy if your with RCI points and you have to given one years notice and this expired last December. From what you have stated your RCI membership has finished so I would ask for Diversified to provide you on headed paper why you are responsible for membership fees in 2016.
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Have you tried contacting RCI about this demand from Diversified Resorts?  Perhaps they can sort it out with them.  Only question is what time of year do you normally pay your annual fees for these points?

If you phone RCI don't phone the contact centre.  Phone the Kettering offices and ask for Accounts Department.  They are probably better able to help.  Am not at home at moment otherwise would be able to give you the number of Kettering offices.
Sue B


 RCI Europe
Kettering Parkway
NN15 6EY

Phone: 0845 60 86 380


RCI dodge the issue, they say that the surrender will be complete on the 15th December 2015 as long as there are no outstanding fees. Because I was invoiced for next years fees before the end of the surrender period Diversified will not complete the surrender process.

I would be content to just ignore the demands for payment if someone could reassure me that if they went legal on me that they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. How can management fees for 2016 ever be regarded as appropriate when the points expired in 2015

Norm de Plume

Nobody can give you a cast iron guarantee, but on the face of it you would appear to have a good defence.  In any event it is unlikely they would go to the trouble and expense of suing you for a comparatively insignificant sum.  Suck it and see.
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