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Started by anniej, February 07, 2016, 12:07:14

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Hi i'm new on the forum has anyone used or know of target point who for a sum get timeshare sold in perpetuity  handed back mine is with pueblo evita   


Athena Law Solicitors

I have never heard of them.

Who is your timeshare with?
Athena Law Solicitors


Hi my timeshare weeks are at pueblo Evita there head office is in isle of man.. I found  through friends who are also using them. My contacts are after 1999 and are in perpetuity and I want
to give them back but they do not except them and this company said they could deal with this but are very erratic with contacting and keeping me informed.I have not paid this years maintenance as I was told not to by them. I have read on these forums just not to pay and wait it out . I'm wondering if it's all a scam yes I've paid them money which is why I asked if anybody had information on them.thanks anniej


This a site to look at
There website
They should not of taken money upfront


Like you, we have been victims of this unscrupulous company. We were desperate to rid ourselves of our timeshare at Dona Lola which we have been unable to use for over 8 years as we are in ill health and also cant keep paying out the maintenance fees as we are on a very low income now. We trusted these people who assured us they could get us out of the contract ,foolishly paid them the fee they asked, as we were desperate. In the beginning they were in contact with us regularly but then long periods of no communication. When we tried contacting them by e-mail, post or telephone we got no response. We have since learned that the address they give as their so called Head Office in Manchester is in fact only a mailing address. James Dalton is the person who we had been dealing with but all contact with him has been unsuccessful. We have now come to the conclusion that we have been the victims of yet another despicable scam and want to warn others about this fraudulent company Target-Point


We have to retract comments made on this site


If you have a serious objection to the way this company has treated you, and you have received no response from the company, I recommend you complain to your local Citizens Advice. They will guide you on how to obtain redress, and importantly will forward the information to your local trading standards.

You may not wish to pursue your own case through the courts, which is what Citizens Advice may recommend, but your complaint being forwarded to Trading Standards will help others not to end up in the same position.   

Trading standards will collate any complaints about this company and if enough are received may very well investigate and if proven serious enough may force the company to cease trading.

Sorry that you faced all this, and good luck in the future.

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