Threat of Court from Palm Oasis

Started by Pikeyshark, July 25, 2016, 10:28:50

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I seem to be one of several hundred who are unable to shake off these continued threats of court action for non payment of maintenance charges.
Purchasing one week in 2000 for around £8000, last using in 2004. When first trying to resell, it became very obvious that we had been misled regarding the resale programme also we have never received any deeds as stipulated on the contract.
In 2007, on receiving threats from a UK based Debt recovery agency, we contacted a solicitor and were advised that there was no basis for such a case, that we were entitled to have any action heard in a UK court of our convenience, and that we should just ignore future threats.
We responded to the debt recovery agency at the same time authorised the repossession of the week and proceeds to offset any unpaid fees accrued at that time, we copied Palm Oasis both by email and by recorded delivery airmail.
I have never received any reply or acknowledgement from Palm Oasis but a further demand in 2010 which I ignored. I now have further threat dated 15/06/2016 now amounting to €4802. How can I bring this troublesome matter to conclusion? any advice would be much appreciated.

Norm de Plume

Just continue to ignore. Apart from anything else, anything over 6 years is statute barred.
If you have found the advice I have given useful and I have saved you some money, perhaps you would like to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Charity, mentioning my name. (


I do not know if you know that contracts for life are illegal under Spanish law POA contracts are illegal see this posting and others in Spanish law

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