Owner of Anfi Company Jumping sinking ship

Started by lawnmower60, August 21, 2016, 10:16:21

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ex Anfi (35351) C.D.N.

The Captain may be jumping ship, but the same crew will continue with their waves.

I have registered as ex Anfi (35351) C.D.N. so as not to leave any ambiguity as to who is making these posts. 35351 was my employee number at Anfi and C.D.N. are my initials.

Due to the posting on T/T yesterday; http://www.timesharetalk.co.uk/index.php?topic=19392.msg61199

I have registered now, rather than my initial intention of registering on the first anniversary of my UNFAIR DISMISSAL. I was employed at Anfi Del Mar from Monday 28th July 2014 until Monday 7th September 2015.

Having studied the T/C's of this website very carefully, I will be posting factual events and will be able to provide both evidence and witnesses to any Court, should Anfi Del Mar decide to seek legal recourse.

Although emails may not admissible as evidence in Spanish Courts, they are automatically timed and dated. I can type a statement at any time using the emails as contemporaneous notes.

During my time at Anfi, I was aware that an outside UK Agency had been employed by Anfi to monitor the internet for detrimental postings and comments. I would suggest that this Agency learns the following languages;
Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian, because during my research towards the anniversary, I have found over 100 websites and media outlets where I will be posting on or mailing to.

In 1997 I discovered I was the victim of an ID Fraud which had begun in 1995. In August 2015, I saw my personal details were on display for other employees and occasionally members of the public to see. Having brought this issue to a supervisor's attention, I received the proverbial Foxtrot Oscar.

On Thursday 3rd September 2015 I sent an email to the Sales Director with a CC copy to the Human Resources (HR) Department, pointing out a breach of the Data Protection Act (LEY Organica 15/1999, de 13 de Diciembre, de Proteccion de de Datos de Caracter Person) and a breach of the Human Rights Act  (LEY de La Comision Nacional de Los Derechos Humanos Denominacion de la Lay reformada DOF 26-11-2001).

On Monday 7th September 2015, I was dismissed for "upsetting" the Anfi Del Mar IT department.

A document dated 7th September 2015, signed by the HR Director and signed by myself on 22nd September 2015 and I quote;
"With the signature of the present agreement, the employee entirely accepts all what is stipulated in it, including the indemnification payment for the dismissal admitted as unfair by the Company that is above detailed. Therefore, the employee declares to have been paid all what is due to him, and with the receipt of the said indemnification because of unfair dismissal received by the employee as stated in the present document, the labour relationship between the parties is solved, having no right by any means to lay further claim. As well, he compromises to desist from any legal action put before the signature of the present agreement, as well as not to put any further claim later" Unquote.

The "no further claims" ONLY relates to my dismissal being unfair. There was or is not, any other agreement in force.

From Wednesday 7th September 2016, I will be posting on ALL websites and media outlets once every week. Due to having to translate my posts and ensure they are on all the websites, I will be unable to discuss the issues until all my postings are completed.

I will be pointing out a number of Laws Anfi Del Mar breached or allowed to their Employees to breach besides those posted here, including for example;
Abuse of Authority by the British Cold Line Sales Manager

Threats of violence.

An explanation of "The Anfi Way"

I will also be posting as to how Anfi Del Mar are circumventing the current Timeshare laws, namely;
Spanish Timeshare Act Ley 42/1998 which came into force on the 5th January 1999, the European Union Directive 122 of 2008 which came into force on 16th March 2012 and Health and Safety, amongst others.

A major Holiday Company/Tour Operator circumventing the Spanish Timeshare Act and EU Directive when providing Anfi (and other RDO/TATOC companies) with clients for presentations.

If this posting is removed, there are over 100 other websites to post on and I am sure those sites will want to inform their members and the public.

Blakey & Bett say "there are no I,s in team". They can spell well. Hyenas work as a team, would you say Hyenas are civilised, which has 3 I,s?

ex Anfi (35351) C.D.N.

The current Employment Act in Spain is Real Decreto Legislativo 3/2015, de 23 de octubre, which came into force on 13th November 2015.

However, the Employment Law in Spain covering my time at Anfi was Law 56/2003 of 16 December, which was valid until 13th November 2015.
Blakey & Bett say "there are no I,s in team". They can spell well. Hyenas work as a team, would you say Hyenas are civilised, which has 3 I,s?

ex Anfi (35351) C.D.N.

There are now postings else were and I will continue doing so until I am up to date with this website. My foreign language skills are picking up.

The Health and safety regulations for Spain are;

Number 155 ILO Convention on the Safety and Health of workers, June 22 1981, ratified by Spain on July 26 1985.

Royal Decree 486/1997 of 14 April establishes the minimum requirements for Safety and Health at the workplace.

Next week I will explain in detail one of the topics previously mentioned.
Blakey & Bett say "there are no I,s in team". They can spell well. Hyenas work as a team, would you say Hyenas are civilised, which has 3 I,s?


Your posts on here are nothing to do with my original posting can you post under your own topic

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