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Started by Jennios, November 10, 2016, 18:17:04

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Several years ago I inherited a week at Cameron House, then with De Vere. The maintenance costs are very costly and the lodge was sold inperpituity. I need to get out of it. If I do not pay the maintenance can they just repossess it, so far they just chasing the charges. Please help, especially any legal eagles, there must be 100s of people in the same boat.


Norm de Plume

Presumably this is in Scotland.  I'm afraid you will need to consult a Scottish lawyer.
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In September, this year Wimpen and the Onogroup were ordered to pay the owners committee €125,000 by an arbiter. To date both developers have not paid the money and still hold over € 600,000 of the owner's money in defiance of the arbiter pre-hearing finding. Both timeshare developers have consulted the trustee FNTC, who are openly backing the resort, not the owner lead committee and despite the resort refusing to comply with or abide by the order of the arbiter.

The owner's committee are continuing its course to get rid of Wimpen and the Ono group from being the resort manager. The resort managers have broken the constitution, are refusing to pay the awards of the Arbiter and still refuse to hand over to the committee the list of present owners. The final hearing will now take place this month.

That final hearing will take place in Edinburgh over 4 days. The timeshare owners of Los Claveles understand that there is a high degree of interest in the arbitration and should the owners win. The resort developer will be out and forever. We can then own and enjoy what we paid for at long last.


We spent the sixth week of our end of October to mid December holiday at Los Claveles in Los Cristianos.

We had to be there as usual to meet up with friends who were visiting the area, to save us travelling at night back to other resorts as my wife does not like travelling here at night in the car.
In view of this we have never minded dropping down from our three bedroom units to a two bedroom unit at Los Claveles, however it always depends on allocation.

This is a timeshare resort the visitors being a mix of owners, exchangees, and rentals. There is no integration. We have been visiting the resort for several years and in that time it has not changed in any way, a fact that is loved by many of the long-term owners, for myself I see that the units are very very dated, compared with most of the resorts we visit. No apartments were updated during the Wimpen era, time stood still. Perhaps under Ona Wimpen it might? But it is perfectly clear that Oh Na is really reviewed by most as Oh No!!

The apartment was comfortable and although they are cleaned regularly, there needs to be more wet-mopping of floor areas. It was a fairly large apartment split over two floors but sadly the patio was tiny, having two sunbeds and four chairs and a table, barely enough room left for two adults never mind four or six (other than in rotas) and was far too close to the construction works to be comfortable. Being woken at 7-06am by diggers warming up for the day! Not what we are used to.  There is no downstairs toilet so you travel up and down stairs each time in the duplex apartment we were allocated.

This week the "internal ownership politics" were not in evidence, I was not haranged in any way unlike visits in the past. An atmosphere usually hangs over the resort like a dark cloud, I believe Snr S Critura was on site.

A nice little touch amongst the quaintness (towel-art swans!!) is the addition of a range of toiletries in each of the bathrooms, to supplement the soap dispensers that are provided.

Thank the Lord that wifi has now come to Los Claveles - it has taken years, although it used to give me an excuse to walk to the Italian internet cafe above Dialprix, which is now sadly closed. Whilst I am pleased to see this, owners are against because of self interest.

The Restaurant/Entertainment
The meals in the restaurant are not only well-cooked, prepared and presented, and are not over-priced, so should draw in more customers; but sadly it is made very clear by certain owners that the prime tables are for owners. I am uncertain if retention of the restaurant franchise has to include the provision of entertainment as this is an excellent addition, but artistes are totally ignored by owners who never attend, (rank bad manners and ignorance). My wife and I sit with a few foreign guests to watch the entertainment, this must be soul-destroying for the performers, especially whilst packing up their electrical equipment the owners all head back into the seating area from the outside bar terrace. Do the owners think this performance area is "their room"? as it is the room where they hold court every Wednesday.

Construction Works
The construction works taking place at the side of the resort are relentless (although there is nothing that Los C can do about that) commencing between 7 and 7.30am every morning except Sunday. The purpose of the point is that RCI state that "nearby construction or remodelling may disturb guests from September 2 2016 until May 31 2017"  there is no may about it believe me, and I doubt the finish date.

There is a great depth of feeling against RCI from within the resort, although as I write there are 127 weeks banked with them, and 250 across all exchange companies. The letter from the Executives within RCI supporting Ona/Wimpen has been removed from the Bulletin Board.
A strange contradiction in view of the fact that RCI is so vilified, and yet so many bank their weeks with them despite the ever-increasing cost to exchange.  I cannot help wondering what is the cause that so many want or need to get away?

Now that Ian Crane and Ivan Pengelly are leaving Ona/Wimpen (although Ivan will still be a consultant) and the arbitration decision will be announced (today?), it will be interesting to see how the life of this resort progresses.

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