Silverpoint and Beverly Hills Heights apartments sell off

Started by rickisupforit, March 12, 2017, 19:06:16

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Well this is my first post on here and more than likely my last as I am finally exiting the expensive world of timeshare. My wife and I have owned 2 weeks at the Beverly Hills Heights for the last 15 years and with the continuously increasing maintenance costs had been looking to get out for some while. Like many owners we did not feel that the rising maintenance costs were being reflected in the upkeep of the apartments and suspected the money was being used to cover the ever increasing losses due to owners defaulting on their maintenance payments. We suspected that Silverpoint were running into trouble when the Beverly Hills Club apartments were sold off and owners moved from there into the Beverly Hills Heights. The Beverly Hills Club is now effectively a hotel with rooms available to the general public. Now we have been advised this year that a number of apartments in the Beverly Hills Heights are being sold off and ours is one of them. Initially Silverpoint advised us that they would move us to another apartment either in the Heights or the Hollywood Mirage but we have pointed out to them that technically it is a breach of contract as they are moving us out of the apartment that we initially liked and bought against our will. Silverpoint didn't like it but have now agreed we can deed the apartment back to them with no further costs involved. We don't get any money back but are just glad to be out of it and we did have a lot of good holidays there.
Incidentally following some informal meetings Beverly Hills Heights have issued a newsletter with a questions and answers session about the sell off. One of the questions states: 'Can I relinquish my weeks?' and their crafty reply states: 'The Constitution allows for relinquishment in the case of death of the named members as appears on the holiday certificate and members suffering bankruptcy. Please see article 7 (viii) in the Constitution.'
Absolute bullshine folks! They are breaching your contract by making you move out of your apartment and you can deed your apartment back but they want to keep that quiet! So any other Beverly Hills Heights owners reading this who are in the same position please take note . . .


If you read this article you will see that Silverpoint has lost cases at Spanish Supreme court,19448.msg61520.html
Also translate newspaper article with  Google


Quote from: lawnmower60 on March 12, 2017, 20:17:52
If you read this article you will see that Silverpoint has lost cases at Spanish Supreme court,19448.msg61520.html
Also translate newspaper article with  Google

No need to google translate Brian.
The details of Supreme Court decisions against Silverpoints/Resort Properties are well documented on the Canarian Legal Ailiance website. 


Hi rickisupforit

Yes silverpoint are well known on here to be "trouble".

I owned at BHC and when they tried to transfer me to BHH I told them to get stuffed and I walked away.
It is  a shame and its criminal that they can take your timeshare, but unless you want to go to court, that is what is happening.

Like you I was content with exiting the high maintenance charges and considered giving up my right to timeshare was a win for me.

But yes they are still thieving b's when they take your timeshare and walk all over you.

BHC, BHH and Mirage all bad news for owners. They will all be "gone" in a few years time. When I walked around BHC last year on another holiday it was booming, loads of men in black trousers and blue shirts talking to lots of enthusiastic punters in the courtyard bar area - god help them!

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