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Started by Mark.Bruyninckx@telenet.b, March 15, 2017, 18:24:36

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Hello, I received an offer from
STE Elite vacances
72 Boulevard Mohammed v
40000 - MARRAKECH (Maroc)
Téléphone: 00212 762-944130
Gestionnaire en Multipropriété et Administrateur de Biens
for buying a week in a studio I have in Holwood Mirage Tenerife. (with silverpoint club)

They are offering a nice sum, but I don't trust them, since the email from where I received the offer was, the person that called me was Dupra Carole phonenumber in France +33 327 006 611.
I received an offer by login in to their website and then giving in a code that she gave me over the phone.
Nothing to pay a front
You need to go to Maroc to  sell your week, there you will stay until 7 nights in a 4 * hotel for free.
You need to pay 499 € upon arriving  to the driver that will bring you to the hotel, this will be reimburste when you go to the office to sell te week.
The money will be wired to your account within 5 workingdays after signing the contract, after this you need to send to ownerspapers to them.

Has anybody had already contact with this company/person, and what is your expierence with them.

I 'have my timeshare for 1999,changed from atlas club to rci points and my last change I did was moving to silverpoint points (equal Rci points) with attached 1 week in a studio and 1 week in a 1 bedroom appartment.  I am pleased with the timeshare concept and the quality that is given, but I can't spend all my points,so I want to sell one unit in the Hollywood Mirage club from the silverpoints system.

Thanks for your comments



It is a con you cannot give away timeshare at the moment so why would they  offer to buy it
If I said to you give me £500 for nothing what would do tell me to get stuffed that's what happen to you if you gave a taxi driver 499 euro



My advice - don't touch them with a barge pole.

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