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Started by Millie, March 15, 2017, 20:17:55

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Hello has anyone had any experience of using the Timeshare Advice Centre?
We've been to see them today and he assures us that we have a claim but we need to provide upfront legal costs of £6000, whilst I realise that it's not unexpected to pay upfront I am cautious as it's not on a no win no fee basis and should we not win (although he reckons there's no doubt we will ) we would be out of pocket even more than we are already paying for our timeshare.


I would be very cautious indeed about laying out large sums of money to people you don't know.
My wife and I have seen people from similar organizations in the past, have smelled a large and furry rat and not gone ahead.

For £6,000, you can find a solicitor anywhere or speak to one of the people on this site.


Thank you for your replies.  Stephen Boyd I have spoken on your website's webchat and requested information on the costs of the service you provide.  I've also messaged you on facebook.



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