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Started by Oban Knights, April 20, 2017, 15:29:53

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Oban Knights

In 2009 (ish), we 'bought' 1 week every 2 years at Puerto Anfi.
We are keen to get out as our circumstances have changed and we don't think it is value for money anymore.
The biennial agreement is in perpetuity and apparently we never actually owned the week.
This was not made clear to us when we were being convinced to purchase. We were under the impression that Anfi would buy it back themselves as the demand at the resort is so high.
Is our only option now to cancel the contract to avoid further fees and go away having learned a quite expensive lesson or are we bound by the perpetuity clause i.e. forever?
Do we need to take legal advice (if so, who?) or just talk to Anfi?
Don't sweat the small stuff!!


If you read this posting you will find out all about Anfi
If you want any help contact  Javier Correa who is a member of this forum at

Oban Knights

Don't sweat the small stuff!!

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