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Whatever the rights or wrongs of the dispute between Club members at Los Claveles and their committee with the management company, Onagrup, nothing warrants the despicable behaviour of Onagrups employees and security staff towards guests and the Committee president, who is a woman in her 70's.
She is in Tenerife, with our Spanish lawyer, to assist owners who are being forcibly refused entry to their accommodation. She has been continually stalked in Los Cristianos by an Onagrup employee who repeatedly walks behind her telling her F**K OFF. He has confronted her telling her that he will make her perform a vile sex act upon him. There are independent witnesses to this who have accompanied her to make a complaint to the police, who brushed their complaints aside saying she was the criminal.
Onagrup security tried to physically manhandle a guest from his apartment. Again he went to the police who similarly brushed aside his complaint.
Onagrup sacked the resort manager and reception staff days before the resort was to re-open following the maintenance period and installed their own people from mainland Spain together with the security personnel who are armed with batons.
Is that the honourable behaviour of a supposedly reputable company? Their management contract with the Club naturally expired on May 2nd 2017 but they still send threatening demands for maintenance fees.





And yet more disturbing and disgusting tactics from Onagrup http://insidetimeshare.com/horror-weekend-los-claveles/


All this occurs despite the fact that Ivan Pengelly of Wimpen acknowledged in a letter dated April 2017 that the contract between Wimpen and the Club would naturally expire on May 2nd 2017, irrespective of whether the termination in 2015 was lawful or not. Onagrup refuse to hand over the Club documents and bank account to the new administrator, appointed by the Club Committee.

Onagrup employees are now saying "we own the resort, you are nothing, you are no-one". As can be seen from the InsideTimeshare article, even the EU and University of Barcelona find that the Canaries and Tenerife in particular are one of the most corrupt regions of Spain.

The actions of Onagrup so far mirror those of the notorious John 'Goldfinger' Palmer, and all this happens with total silence of FNTC, but then again they are all rats in the same pit.

John Littler

A lot has been happening at in the last 2 years, says; the claimed independent Los Claveles lead by the clown Councillor 'Roger barrow'. He has roped a committee together he is un-elected and probably financed by Germán (WimPen). They are (with the 'IT' skills of 'Barrows and the 'Lear family Julie and Keith) mounting a challenge to a lawfully elected committee who represents the club at Los Claveles who are presently challenging the both WimPen and the OnO group.

Germán Castro, MD of WimPen has offered a way out Says: Conservative Councillor Mr. Barrows however what they don't say is: the real Club (lead by Mr. Fletcher JP) have won each of the 3 trials the commenced whereby in each case the real committee has obtained 3 favourable ruling.

That all said; the fight still continues for justice and Barrows and the Lear's remain defiant.

Councillor Barrows has co-opted 4, 5-star generals and they make up the fake committee. These are Sue Makenzie (retired) Marilyn Fry (a farm sectary) and as mentioned Julie Lear (health care) and Keith Lear (husband of Julie).

All do not accept the ruling of the QC's ruling in the Arbitration nor the ruling in the Spanish Courts or the High Court in England. This shambolic rouse prefers the view of the combatants WimPen.

So, in short you have a lawfully elected club committee (who has made allegations and won each and every case for the purpose of securing the rights for their Timeshare owners) and a Brigade of prats who are siding with the those who are delivering harassment, operating unlawfully and scourging the financial hell out of their co-owners.
The Lear's family is most active and now are delivering FAKE news and lies into the public domain exposing themselves to defamation. In one case, they have turned their muckraking on a helpful Solicitors and firm of Lawyers who are assisting the real committees to fight for justice.

Giving Barrow's some credit he openly states, "We are all part of the original WimPen Family" In contrast, he should be stating "we are part of the club family". Accordingly, Councillor Barrows has nailed his colours onto the anti-members mast.

What is in it for this fake unelected and roguish Committee then?

So, what are Barrows credentials?  He managed a John Lewis Store (now sold to Waitrose) then set up the failed 'fisher boat company' then became a marketing coach, then enrolled in the 'Selsey Business partnership', which appears he left in 2016. Now he is a councillor representing Employers and business and owns a website building company.

In his latest venture he says "In today's world, a website is a must, for any business large or small. It's your window to the world and for many businesses"

You can visit him at roger barrow. com,

Site design, domain names, website hosting, internet marketing all or any of these services are available, they are affordable for even the smallest business.

He can also be contacted at: 

c/o Chichester District Council
1 East Pallant
PO19 1TY
Phone:  01243 601100

He is available only a 2/3 of the time!

One of his immortals is Keith Lear who left comprehensive school in 1984 and in 1986 came away with an HND and like Barrows is in I.T.


Los Claveles Invidious Owners Club is a self-anointed bunch of unalleged scoundrels who head the opposition to the elected club representatives. They self-appointed trouble makes are Fry (farm Hand) Barrows failed Businessman and the Lear's (IT slave).

Marilyn Fry said the club committee are demanding payment with threats - which is a lie - on the other hand, the Ono group she supports have refused to abide by a court order demanded payment when they are not the management committee and has formed an insurgency group to take down the real club. If we believe her all the criminals will be let out and the good guys locked up.

We believe this decision was premature and we want to challenge the Claveles committee and way they have handled this dispute", said Roger Barrow yet the committee has won every case they have placed at the door of the Ono Group. So, who is greasing his palm? Why can he not support the law the court and the real elected committee?

And who does this cluck of descenders believe in - 'Inside Timeshare' owned by Eugene Kiser and an ex timeshare cold calling Charlie now an ace reporter called 'Charles Thomas'. Both Kiser and Thomas are ex timeshare madman both have been spoken to by the police and both have actively assisted in misselling timeshares now they are Lawyers.

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