Club Paradiso Re-sale Success

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Club Paradiso Re-sale Success
« on: December 06, 2017, 15:58:34 »
We became owners at Club Paradiso by a route known to many - as an 'escape' from Hollywood Mirage.  Usual sad story!  We enjoyed several years of holidays with Paradiso, but eventually decided that post retirement we couldn't afford the annual maintenance any more.
In 2013 I e-mailed Mark Cushway, having read a statement by him about how he was into customer service and over several months we exchanged a few e-mails, as I resisted the invitations to go to Tenerife and discuss matters!
The correspondence lapsed, but in 2014 I tried again, saying that I could not afford the fees.  He told me that the resale quota for that year was filled already - sounds familiar sort of response??  I resigned myself to yet more timeshare disappointment.
Towards the end of 2015  decided to give it one more go.  This time to my surprise I received a 'Listing Agreement' to fill in.  There was a catch here.  I had to name my asking price.  I gave it much thought and then decided that if I asked for too much there would be less chance of a result, so I asked for £10,000.00.
I didn't really expect to hear any more, but I kept prompting and was told they were still trying.  Then in June 2016 I received an offer letter.  Shortly after that I received the cheque for £10,000.00 plus my annual maintenance fee for that year.
I have to say I still cannot believe it.  I am also kicking myself for not asking for much more.
Anyway, I thought this site could do with some good news for a change.  I wish anyone else with Paradiso weeks to dispose of good luck.  I suppose the main lesson learnt is to keep the pressure on and keep trying.