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St Mellion Cornwall
« on: December 12, 2017, 23:12:46 »
Is anyone facing legal action by St Mellion? People were sold their timeshare week several years ago under American Golf on the basis it could be returned without penalty and indeed that used to happen because the resales market was healthy. Then in 2013, under Crown Golf when they put the maintenance fees up, they also decided to refuse to accept weeks back and won’t acknowledge the way the weeks used to be sold although they know full well!  The lease is 66 years. They have threatened legal action every year since then with threats to take action for non payment. I have refused to pay and know others in the same situation.  They have now negotiated a ‘get out’ clause whereby one can pay three year’s maintenance fees up front with threats of debt collection for non payment of arrears plus the three years up front payment!
Just wondered if anyone has any comments or is in the same situation?