Finding out the name of the owners of the resort

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Finding out the name of the owners of the resort
« on: February 13, 2018, 09:03:00 »
My mother bought timeshare in 1995. Was called Cal de mar but she has recently discovered it is renamed to Ona Village Cala D'or Apartments. She has not been informed of this.
She is trying to exit her timeshare for several years but onagrup deny they are the resort owner and repeatedly state they are a mainrenance company only yet she has letters from 2014 stating they were the new company.
Ona grup also repeatedly state they have nothing to do with exit plan but have yet to provide the name of the company she can contact. All roads lead back to ona grup!

It doesnt matter which department she emails all replies come back from 'lillian'.

Does anyone know who the owner is she could contact? She cannot afford the fees anymore she is in her 70's now.

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Re: Finding out the name of the owners of the resort
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 10:22:01 »

I was hoping someone with more knowledge than me would post, but as they haven't yet, I will tell you what I can.

Timeshare resorts are owned by the timeshare owners, so technically your mother is one small part of the ownership.

Ona Group are a large Spanish holiday company which has relationships with many holiday providers including hotels, apartments and timeshare resorts, basically they market them for holidays taking a cut from each booking. I don't know whether they actually own any resorts themselves.

Ona Group bought Wimpen a few years ago. WImpen managed a number of timeshare resorts on behalf of the "owners". By "managed", I mean they were appointed by the resort committee (voted for by owners at AGMs etc) to carry out the administration of the resort. This could include employing the staff, maintaining the resort, running a bookings service, doing the books etc.
So, whilst Wimpen/Ona may "appear at face value" to be running the resort, they are actually a contracted service appointed by the resort committee to do all the necessary things that are required to keep the resort going.

Now the owners committee of any resort set the process for buying and selling timeshare, sometimes Ona Group will manage this process on their behalf, eg at one resort I know they have a resales manager (who is part of the staff employed by Ona) who would deal with all sales and purchases. It may be at your resort , this function does not exist.

I would suggest you telephone the resort ask to speak to reception (they generally know everything), tell them you want to talk to someone about reselling or exiting your timeshare, and could they give you the name and contact details for whom you should speak/write to.
This should give you the contact you need.

IF this doesn't work you may have some correspondence from the committee who run the resort, all you need is a name or email and start communication with them. Generally theses are well meaning people who will not leave you hanging.
Alternatively , again ring reception and ask for a committee members contact details, as a timeshare owner they must give you these details.

Having said all the above. You should know that even finding the right route and process, most timeshare resorts do not facilitate exit.
Sounds daft I know , but this is why timeshare has declined and has a bad name.

Your mother's age and state of health may help in getting agreement to exit.

At the end of the day, many people stop paying their annual maintenance fee (which is essential for ongoing rights to enjoy your timeshare) and whilst the resorts do not like it ( loss of income etc) cessation of maintenance payment forfeits your right to enjoy your timeshare and most resorts have rules which say you lose your rights upon non payment. So you achieve your end.
You should know that many resorts do not like cessation of payment and will send letters and make phone calls chasing payment , and sometimes threaten to take you to court. But the market is so littered with people who have done this and resorts who have changed ownership and rules many times, it is a complicated area, and as far as I am aware (and is stated on this website many times) no one has yet been taken to court for non payment.

Hope this helps in some way