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Started by CaroleWall, March 14, 2018, 16:48:10

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I accidentally bought a timeshare last year sold by Club La Costa (UK) PLC and have ended up in a club called Vacation Club Limited. I paid a lot of money for this and cant seem to get any holidays booked. They are insisting that i attend another meeting saying i need to upgrade to Fractional.

Any advice would be warmly welcomed.



Is your timeshare in Spain or Canaries if so did you buy a fixed week apartment or is it points or a club if it is not a fixed week it is illegal to call it timeshare and did you pay a deposit when you signed contact that is illegal. If you have a named and week date for your timeshare it should be available for you every year at the same time. How did you accidently buy a timeshare. If you have or did any of the above contact this link he is a Spanish lawyer and a member of this site


Thanks Brian. I have been on his website and looked at others including JLCA. They say they have won cases in Spain and against Club la Costa. However, i have to pay upfront for their services so i will have to think about it and try to contact your man. Thanks anyway


Keith Hurst

Never pay up front under any pretext or you will be loosing even more money

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