Police are investigating a timeshare scammer

Started by TimeshareTalk, March 28, 2018, 19:27:06

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Police are investigating a timeshare scammer who conned a Paisley pensioner out of thousands of pounds.


Athena Law Solicitors

Yes, and there will be more and more reports of this.

More and more of our work now concerns "companies" offering legal services that are not qualified to deliver. In all cases the pattern is the same:

1. Cold calling.
2. UK registered company to give confidence.
3. Company has little trading history, no filed accounts and no capital.
4. Company owned by ex-timeshare salesmen.
5. Company has a flashy website.
6. Company does nothing, or very little.
7. No one within company has any legal qualifications or experience. Boasts of experience are in reality only has experience of selling timeshare.
8. Members of "organisations" which look impressive but in fact any business can join at little cost and without any vetting and where said organisation has no regulatory standing or powers.
9. Often invites payments by credit cards but using third party processing companies in an attempt to break the debtor creditor supplier link and thereby remove the protection of section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974.
Athena Law Solicitors


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