harangued into signing a timeshare

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harangued into signing a timeshare
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:12:07 »
Barclays Partner Finance, formerly known as Clydesdale Financial Services is under fire for not carrying out due diligence against loans granted by the company to fund timeshare purchases.

After being harangued into signing a timeshare contract they could not afford by timeshare sales reps, unwitting holidaymakers have been further duped into signing extortionate finance agreements. Many of these agreements were funded by Barclays Partner Finance. The typical loan of this kind is set with interest rates and APR at 17.6% over a 15-year period, which equates to a timeshare priced at £10,600, when fees and interest are added, costing over £29,000 – far outside the affordability of the signee.

https://www.timeshare.lawyer/loans-for-timeshare-purchases/ [nofollow]