High Maintenance Fee increase for 2014

Started by wilsonjenny, December 07, 2013, 16:06:41

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The maintenance fees for 2014 are very high this year for Club la Costa Vacation Club members.

When we joined there was a sliding scale of fees of different levels of membership.  The higher the membership the less per point you had to pay.  This was supposed to be cast in stone, however this has been swept aside for 2014 and the higher memberships now pay more per point.

Apparently the thinking behind this was that the lower memberships were being penalised unfairly and were leaving as they could no longer afford the fees and they were disgruntled that they could never get accommodation for the low points they had been talked into buying by unscrupulous reps at the point of sale.

The levels of increase are:

Bronze: + 2.50%
Silver: + 5.00%
Gold: + 6.50%
Platinum: + 7.50%
Diamond: + 7.50%

The annual membership fee has gone up by 6.95%

This high increase is due as a result of inflation and tax increases.

As a diamond level member, I wonder how long CLC will be able to carry on in business with price hikes like these.  They are already trying to sell Fractional Ownership as another way of making money and from what I can see this is not proving to be very lucrative. 

My fees have gone up by approximately £220 give or take depending on exchange rate.  Not amused  >:(  :o

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