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Started by Imthemug, April 18, 2018, 21:19:49

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I bought 5000 points from Club la Costa on the Costa del Sol in 2011, I then upgraded to fractional ownership and traded in the first timeshare  points. So all that was OK. When i bought the fractional the salesman said, after 2 years i could re sell them back to CLC if i wanted.

Well cut a long story short, now CLC won't. I contacted Mercantile Claims, who want to take my case however i have heard bad thing about them, any advice.



This company will come up time and time again until it's shut down like the rest of the legal freaks.

Stay clear of them, You will get burnt, at the back of the legal team is a known convicted criminal.
The Smiths run the company and they were both involved with eth Eze Group Fraud.

My advice................get a proper lawyer


Hi Imthemug! As I just said in another thread, if I can be of any help I'll be pleased. Send me a PM or an email and I'll have a look to the documentation and advice on possibilities, either with me or others. This initial advice is for free :)
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Norm de Plume

If you think you have a claim, let J Correa deal with it.
If you have found the advice I have given useful and I have saved you some money, perhaps you would like to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Charity, mentioning my name. (

devil in disguise

If you go the Mercantile Claims You will more likely than not be robbed bling, The Directors are Link to convicted criminals,

JCLA.AS have won loads of compensation claims against CLC.
Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.


Thank you all, Ken my partner got someone else BUT BIG BIG THANKS to you all

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