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Why are we doing this?

There are 3 key reasons:

1. One and a half million reasons, actually

The last 20 years has seen a huge increase in the number of British residents owning a foreign property or timeshare, bringing with it high emotional and financial investment. There is no-one else representing this largely dissociated group of people - the Alliance provides a unique voice for owners (UK resident, not currently ex-pats).

2. Supporting the customer

It makes sound sense for the foreign property industry to support what it helps to create - owners of a foreign property or timeshare. As such, the trade members of AIPP & RDO (including estate agents, property developers, lawyers, resort owners, holiday ownership exchange providers, financial services & others), have taken the lead to devise, launch & co-fund the AIPO.

The catalyst for this initiative is BREXIT, and the unique challenges this represents, but AIPO is not a single-issue campaigning organisation, far from it. Buying a foreign property or timeshare might take just a few months, but owning one is perhaps for 10, 20, 30 years or more. Long after BREXIT and its aftermath, there will be the need for British resident owners of a foreign property or timeshare to access the guidance, support & community facilitated by AIPO.

3. Buyer Beware - 'Buy right, own well'

After-the-event action by disappointed buyers & owners of a foreign property or timeshare is both emotionally and perhaps financially draining if expensive legal action is required to correct individual malpractice.

The UK government prefers voluntary industry-driven codes of conduct and 'self-policing' and that is what, for example, propertymark (UK domestic property), AIPP (UK buyers of a foreign property) and RDO (buyers of a European timeshare) deliver.

But there is no compunction for companies operating in the property or timeshare space to mandatorily join and be self-regulated by such bodies. But buying through a member of such an organisation does come with certain assurances with the potential for low-cost or free redress and buyers should read carefully what these (varying) assurances are as they differ by organisation to organisation.

Freehold & Leasehold: the UK domestic property market is not a licensed activity by government, nor by many foreign governments in countries the British buy a freehold or leasehold property. There are various laws and regulations set out to govern the market and you can see what these are via this link to the Compliance Guidelines issued by AIPP. That said, anybody can set up in business in the UK and Spain, for example, to sell property from country to buyers in another.

Timeshare: Sellers of timeshare should comply with an EU Directive setting out how companies operating in this area must behave. However, some do not and anybody can set-up a timeshare sales operation. The RDO, backed by their members, operate a code of conduct and play a major role in both compliance and enforcement to protect buyers and owners of a timeshare.

How are we funded?

The Alliance is funded by several organisations & commercial companies to ensure that our core service to owners & buyers is provided entirely free of charge.

The majority of funding is provided by two trades bodies
, the AIPP - Association of International Property Professionals - and the RDO - Resort Developers Organisation (timeshare properties). The Alliance offices are situated within those of AIPP in London.

Several commercial companies also provide support to help fund our work, which comes either as a direct monthly contribution and / or a commission from business they derive from users of our site. Please see our Professional Partners page for a full list of current supporting companies, more are being added as we grow. Companies are subject to our own due diligence process and, where applicable, are regulated by the appropriate body.

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