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Since January 2015 CLC World (CLC) has been receiving identical 'copy' correspondence, from a company called 'Praetorian Legal' in respect of some of our Members.

CLC has consistently advised Praetorian that we will NOT accept their correspondence as correct notification to 'TERMINATE' any CLC World membership. CLC World has an established free of charge exit strategy in place for all CLC Members and we do NOT accept Surrender or Relinquishment notices from third party claims companies. Despite this, Praetorian Legal continue to falsely claim that they are successful in somehow 'forcing' CLC World to release members from their contracts. This is simply untrue.

CLC will only complete a Surrender Request when processed directly with CLC Member.

We have seen Praetorian's so-called 'Contracts' that state that Members should not speak with CLC World or they will face financial penalties. We understand that this, unnecessarily worries many of you, and if this is the case, may we respectfully suggest to you that you contact either the CLC World MS Legal tear OR one of the well-established organisations we refer to below for advice.

Unfortunately, there are many 'Third Party Claims' companies who encourage people to 'sign-up' with them by making false claims about their membership. Many of these companies are linked to each other and you will see from the attached article that Praetorian's activities (and other similar companies) have now been recognised by the UK Authorities and positive action is being taken on behalf of individuals who have become involved with these companies.

For impartial advice, please do...

•   Contact Citizens Advice for help reporting to UK Trading Standards

•   Report your concerns to Action Fraud

•   Contact the Timeshare Task Force and/or KwikChex for free assistance

Alternatively, please contact us here at MS Legal on 0034 952 669 808 or by email at the following address, Please be assured that if you choose to speak to us, Praetorian will NOT be informed.

We have enclosed some items which we will believe will be of relevance and we sincerely hope that this letter is of assistance to you

Yours sincerely

CLC World Members Services
Ctra. de Cádiz km 206, Mijas Costa 29649, Málaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 66 98 08

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