TESS recover £612,197.00 in compensation claims

Started by David Cox, July 03, 2018, 09:06:35

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David Cox

Tess (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) Ltd, publishes its record, regarding Compensation claims in 2017/18

TESS in its 2nd year of delivering compensation claims is pleased to confirm that, it assisted clients to win over £720,000 in damages in the year July 2017 to July 2018.

TESS has confirmed that is it handling over £8 million on other claims in Spain and the UK.

'The publish compensation claims are the amounts recovered for the mis-selling of timeshare and timeshare related products and they show that TESS clients have been successful 94% of the time (65 cases out of 69) The sums Recovered and paid in this period were £612,197.00'.
Free Advice TESS Law https://tesslimited.co.uk/

David Cox

Free Advice TESS Law https://tesslimited.co.uk/


With Tess claims of what claims they have won and look at the claims from other firms there cannot be many people who own timeshare in Spain and I thought Tess did not exist anymore as it changed its name and is not on company's house as a registered company   

David Cox

Tess is bigger than ever, is in full swing and delivering many claims in the UK and Spain, All the wins are verifiable and the fact that compensation has been repaid to TESS's clients.

Some of TT membership have complained that the TESS website has been inactive, which is true. The thinking was, that the site had suffered from corrupted attachments, as TESS could no longer post or update pages. The parent's pages were blocked by word press accordingly required unblocking.

When the problem was not malware a virus or any programming issue, but was an overloaded number of pages, in contravention of word press.

That matter has been resolved.

Tess (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) Ltd Changed its name to - Tess a Paralegal Service Ltd on the 8th of March 2017

Unlike some, TESS clients get paid their compensation.

Free Advice TESS Law https://tesslimited.co.uk/


The company's "Filleted" accounts to 31 January make interesting reading.

Doesn't quite convey the same message of substance as the above posts. Maybe I am missing something.

Would be interested to know what "Filleted" accounts are.


Allways One

Well Done Tess

Many believe that the option - sometimes referred to as 'filleted' accounts - will become the model of choice to replace abbreviated accounts.

If the company has had an audit and they decide to not file the profit and loss account, they will also exclude the audit report from the filed accounts but must disclose some information about it in the notes to the balance sheet.

The accounts for the shareholders must still present a true and fair view, even when abridged accounts are prepared.  It may be that the abridged profit and loss account is not considered to show a true and fair view as it does not disclose the turnover or cost of sales for the year.

So whats your point regarding Filleted Accounts?



 :D :D :D :D :D, about time timeshare owners got good news



I have found David Cox at TESS extremely kind and helpful with my timeshare exit problem. :)


Is Tanveer Karn the new owner of Timesharetalk he joined 02/07/18 posted this on the 03/07/12 and managed to become global moderator in one day that's quick promotion

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