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Athena Law
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:23:50 »
At Athena Law we get regular enquiries from timeshare owners, many of whom are making similar complaints, namely:

Escalating Maintenance Fees.

Being trapped in a product they no longer want, in perpetuity.

Feeling that the product was mis-sold, and that what they have purchased is worthless.

Being left with large loans taken out to purchase “cheap holidays for life”.

Essentially, having purchased something they thought was an asset and which in reality has little or no resale value.

The writer has dealt with many hundreds of these cases over the years. In every case the timeshare resorts and the banks deny liability as a matter of course. Given that timeshare salesmen are remunerated heavily on commission, and given well reported “hard sell” tactics this is not surprising. [nofollow]