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TCA News
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:24:29 »
Retired couple Mike & Angie McCaffery of Los Angeles have in the past paid as little as 50 cents for second-hand timeshares. Having used their timeshare across four U.S. resorts, they also were able to afford stays in Spain, Costa Rica, England, Mexico, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.

“You hear all the nightmare stories, but if you know how to work it and you can plan ahead, it’s the best thing ever,” says Angie McCaffery, 71.

Timeshares, just that, sharing time and been able to holiday all around the world, apartments consist of bedrooms, kitchens and living areas, home from home in most cases. The initial layout is the purchase cost and annual maintenance fees. These can vary from 900 dollars to 3000 depending on the resorts, high-end properties will always cost more in maintenance fees. [nofollow]