Adventure travel done differently – G Adventures a global success with Brian You

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The world of Travel & Tourism today is very different from how it was over three decades ago, with the internet only just starting to have a big impact in the world by the mid 1990s. There have been several factors that have brought huge changes within this industry including greater access to technology and therefore more information, and rising levels of disposable income.

For much of the past most tourists were generally fairly conservative about the style of holidays they took, and relied on travel agents to design standard holidays for them such as a week in a resort near a beach. Now though, tastes are significantly shifting as people’s travel desires have begun to alter. While chilled out holidays are still popular, ever greater numbers of people are looking for new ways to travel and see the world and new experiences in the places they head to.

Much of this has been fuelled by the internet, cheaper flights, smartphones and the greater emphasis people now put on incredibly memorable experiences in their lives, rather than owning things, especially among younger generations.

In 1990 Canadian Entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip, a strong advocate of sustainable adventure travel, recognised a trend that led him to believe that increasing numbers of people were also beginning to actively seek out this new style of travel. With this vision, he decided to launch G Adventures with the belief that these authentic adventures, experienced in a responsible and sustainable manner would become the primary choice of travel that many more people would take in the future. [nofollow]