Lee Pallister Justice 4 (Enforcing Your Civil Rights) Ltd

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Remember the statement of Lee Pallister Justice 4 (Enforcing Your Civil Rights) Ltd.

The Timeshare experts

Mr Lee Pallister is and was a fully qualified mechanic and has many years’ experience in the motor industry, yet claimed to be an expert layer much like 'Pretorian Legal' and 'Mercantile Claims'.

Pallister since stated he is an expert in sales, repairs and racing and is a successful entrepreneur who owned 4 other businesses, including a Civil Prosecution company, Cafe, Car Sales and even had an interest in a Ballet School!

Now he states that he focuses on growing and maintaining both Swansea Tyres and his Fuel Drain companies.
He claims the best possibilities in life is his driving force behind his ambition and determination to get things done right.

As an update.

Justice 4 enforcing your civil Rights went bankrupt owing 100s of thousands to consumers and his Car Wash Caffe went bust owing creditors many 10s of thousands.

His Wrong Fuel company went the same way and now Swansea Tyres (funded by money he took form timeshare consumers) is now in the red by the tune of £62,652.00.

Mr Pallister seems to create many sets of weeping eyes.

On the other side of the coin, the banks are being clobbered as he failed to provide any timeshare services to many timeshare consumers so the claim game against the banks is at fever point.

Lee Pallister and Justice 4 (Enforcing Your Civil Rights was a cold caller

See Here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBZR0qztG0Y [nofollow]

This is where some of your money went!
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Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

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Re: Lee Pallister Justice 4 (Enforcing Your Civil Rights) Ltd
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Quite clearly, not you normal legal professional
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