Cold calling Lawyers

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Cold calling Lawyers
« on: September 03, 2018, 09:09:46 »
Fraudsters are looking to exploit previous fraudulent or mis-sold timeshare schemes and are telling victims that they are owed compensation.

 Victims who have invested in timeshares abroad are being 'cold called' by what are claimed to be reputable authorities. The victims are being offered the chance, in cold calls or letters, to reclaim money back from their timeshare or to exit early for a massive payment. The fraudsters are then telling victims that the amount ‘owed’ can be released very soon if the fee is paid. The fraudsters are false lawyers have false credibility and are just telling lies to victims. The facts are they have on many occasions stole your details.

The huge fees range from £2,500 to £9,000 and further fees have also been requested to cover maintenance or legal cover when the insurance coverage does not exist.

The victims, who are from across the UK, are aged between 50 and 81. The UK official fraud reporting centre Action Fraud says it has 1,155 timeshare recovery reports recorded from January to July 2018, with an average loss of £14,000 per victim.

In one case, a Birmingham LAW firm claimed to able to provide indemnity cover by a policy scheme. This is untruthful as the scheme referred to by them is bogus.

If you are 'cold called' you must challenge or ignore any calls, letters from people you don’t know or companies you’ve never contacted yourself.

Any report of fraud is protected by law and can’t be shared with anyone else outside of law enforcement agencies.

Challenge any calls, letters or emails from people you don’t know or companies you’ve never contacted and if you’re asked to pay, or give your bank account details, end-all contact.

You must remember; - "real lawyers cannot represent you if you have been cold called".