‘MacDonald Resorts' Judge said the Court used to legitimise ‘Timeshare Scam'

Started by TimeshareTalk, October 01, 2018, 13:12:41

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The Judge said - They are using this court to legitimise their timeshare scam.

The Club is now a 2 tier (or even a 3 tier system) we as FFWH who carry perpetuity and new members who are offered either a 5-10 lease and also there are MRL option members for which the vote resides with the claimant?  The club now has a constitution which the claimant controls either by block vote or power of veto. That document by any definition cannot be called a constitution because we are not equal within that constitution and we cannot alter or change it. The club committee (and remember the 40%) did not get independent legal advice on behalf of individual members or have the proposal process or ballot verified.

They make a huge annual profit and gain a huge property portfolio and we have to pay them for the privilege of leaving it to them.

We have lost the holiday of our choice to be given MRL Points for a holiday of their choice.


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