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« on: October 10, 2018, 17:33:47 »

Unemployable – so this is where Brexit is taking us! Theresa May announced at the Conservative Party Conference last week, that “taking back control” after Brexit would mean that the UK would have control over who came here to work and “low skilled” workers, whether from the EU or elsewhere, who earn less than £50,000 would not be allowed entry. Setting aside the fact that it is highly likely that whatever limits the UK Government decides to put on EU workers seeking to come here, will be mirrored by the EU, so if you are a UK national and  “low skilled” i.e. earn less than £50k a year, you won’t be able to seek and obtain work in the EU after this.

My personal sense of outrage was this. If our daughter had say been French and was being paid in France at the same rate as the NHS Pays its F2s (Second-year junior doctors), she would not be allowed to work here, because the HNS rate for an F2 is in the mid-£30,000’s. She has spent 8 years qualifying (1stdegree, then a Masters and then 4 years at Medical school), in her first year as a junior doctor in a large front line General Hospital, she experienced more sudden death, bereavement and life and death emergencies during this last hard winter than any of us or her could have imagined. A number of times she would return home late a patient having died unexpectedly on her wards, wondering if there was more she could have done and asking herself had she missed something – still, what can you expect of your doctors Mrs May – they are after all “low skilled” according to you.  As you can sense, my outrage is still with me.

Still, on the bright side, it is reported that there were a large number of US Medical Companies lobbying at the Conservative Party Conference – if the Government is going to privatise the NHS, then looking at US doctors’ salaries, at least our daughter will be better paid! [nofollow]