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Inter Vacation Club
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:04:30 »

A new bogus resale company has started their cold call campaign. The company acts under the name of Intervacation Club and pretends to be based in Madrid.

The person calling from this company is called Isabel From and apart from English she also speaks Nordic languages and is targeting consumers from Nordic countries.

Inter Vacation Club pretends to be a large resale company and they have clients waiting with money ready to be paid towards the week(s) they are looking for.

And they just happen to be looking for that week and resort the timeshare consumer has…

Inter-vacation Club is willing to pay a substantial amount for this transaction and consumers can count on amounts of around 30.000 euros per week.

The official-looking purchase agreement even has the name of the potential buyer.

But to make it all official and to make sure all will be done correctly the owner of the timeshare needs to pay a deposit the same as the potential buyer has done. 2.800 euros is requested by bank transfer.

Once the transfer of the deposit is done, the processing of the paperwork commences.

Another official entity gets in contact with the seller, Notarios y Depositos.

Another company based in Madrid and in charge to make sure the seller is paying the taxes due for this resale transaction.

This is a 21% non-resident tax over the purchase price….again to be paid by bank transfer.

This entire story is backed up with paperwork that looks very real, especially for those who have no experience with Spanish documentation and tax invoices etc.

The company details of the bogus resale company Inter Vacation Club are a Spanish mobile +34 603 108 836 and Fax +34 911 642 857

The address they quote is Gran Via Nº46, 28004 Madrid

Email [nofollow]

The contact details of the fake Notary office Notarios y Depositos is again a Spanish mobile +34 634 0092 912 and Fax +34 911 019 593

Email: [nofollow]

The address they give for their offices is Calle Francisco Rojas Nº10, 28010 Madrid

The person sending emails from this office is called Emanuel Hernandez Perez.

There is no such resale company as Inter Vacation Club, there are no people waiting to buy your timeshare and there is no such thing as taxes to be paid through a company Notarios y Depositos.

Paying an upfront deposit for a timeshare resale is illegal!

If you Isabel From or Emanuel Hernandez Pérez have been speaking to you already, please let us know.