The Scam lands of - Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd

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Born out of Eze Group (now Guilty of Fraud) came the Smiths: - Karen Ann and Gary Wayne.

After assisting Eze Group in a multi-million £ fraud by telling consumers what was being done to the was lawful, they went to work in Praetorian Legal Ltd to sell insurance which they claim indemnify its clients against any shoddy legal work they performed. Then setting up Mercantile claims, the scams continued as it is being used as a front, to get unsuspected consumers to join into the covert financial scams of Praetorian legal.

The latent defect in this Company is, ‘you do not receive any benefit’ other than a collection of angry voices when you’ve paid and then complain.

The service is bad, intensively bad, mean and conducted to take money for the weary amongst us. It's as simple, as that.
On the other hand, if you want to attract financial carnage damage your standing and harm any prospects of getting out of a timeshare, this is the place to go, to say the opposite delusion.

This Company its sister companies have all been exposed by the KwikChex, the Timeshare Industry, Timeshare Consumer Association, the Timeshare Association, TESS Law and many others, on similar forums, it's simply astounding the amount of opposition that exists out there.

In saying this Praetorian and Mercantile are supported by Canarian Legal Alliance, [CLA] owned and operated by Mr Eugene Kiser, a past timeshare salesman who sold and managed the selling of unlawful timeshares in Tenerife.

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Re: The Scam lands of - Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd
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The scam man and Struck off Solicitor working at Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims Solutions Ltd. [nofollow]

Interesting read

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Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.