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Started by Sandra Jennings, November 29, 2018, 09:39:35

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Sandra Jennings

Born out of Eze Group (now Guilty of Fraud) came the Smiths: - Karen Ann and Gary Wayne.

After assisting Eze Group in a multi-million £ fraud by telling consumers what was being done to the was lawful, they went to work in Praetorian Legal Ltd to sell insurance which they claim indemnify its clients against any shoddy legal work they performed. Then setting up Mercantile claims, the scams continued as it is being used as a front, to get unsuspected consumers to join into the covert financial scams of Praetorian legal.

The latent defect in this Company is, 'you do not receive any benefit' other than a collection of angry voices when you've paid and then complain.

The service is bad, intensively bad, mean and conducted to take money for the weary amongst us. It's as simple, as that.
On the other hand, if you want to attract financial carnage damage your standing and harm any prospects of getting out of a timeshare, this is the place to go, to say the opposite delusion.

This Company its sister companies have all been exposed by the KwikChex, the Timeshare Industry, Timeshare Consumer Association, the Timeshare Association, TESS Law and many others, on similar forums, it's simply astounding the amount of opposition that exists out there.


devil in disguise

Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

devil in disguise

Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

John Littler


Like a string of broken-down buses, the Praetorian Legal and Mercantile claims legal indemnity certificate take another turn down a twisted and meaningless motorway to financial peril.

We reported that a bogus indemnity policy was being peddled by both Praetorian Legal and Mercantile Claims who are two sister law firms operating in Solihull, near Birmingham. Both offer a timeshare termination service to consumers and charge many £000s for the service.

The termination letters which are sent are embarrassing at best and should these letters not effect a termination of the clients timeshare contract, both Praetorian Legal and Mercantile claims back up their service with a prestigious and bespoke legal insurance indemnity policy which protects their clients against any legal and other costs up to £10,000 and should their service fail. Therefore, this policy is the kingpin to their sales operations.


Eze group rises from the Ashes.

With Eze Group due in court for sentencing, it is amazing that CEO Dominic O'Reilly is out actively recruiting staff. This is common knowledge in the 'timeshare world' and has raised a few eyebrows even there.

Even more amazing is that he intends to sell bogus timeshare reliquishments in peoples homes, using his daughter Stephanie as one of his 'homesit' team. If she is not in jail come Monday night.

The man really has a brass neck. In court on Monday for illegal activities and, as i write getting together a UK operation. Just how stupid does he think the UK authorities are?

As no reputable legal company will deal with this proven crook, we have to wonder who exactly will do the timeshare reliquishment. Reputable companies such as Praetorian Legal wouldn't touch him with the proverbial barge pole.


Businesses closely connected with EZE, LCM Law and Praetorian Legal have also made such threats. LCM Law has as a director Gary Smith - previously described as 'Legal & Compliance Director of EZE Group'. Gary Smith is also a director of Praetorian Legal - and Dominic O'Reilly, who is now set to stand trial on numerous charges was also a director of Praetorian Legal.  Aside from the default judgement in the Mindtimeshare case, all other such threats that KwikChex is aware of have all been successfully defeated at the outset.


Praetorian Legal & The Swindling Solicitor
Mr and Mrs Smith instructed the services of Mr Ian Patrick Benbow, a former solicitor to deliver legal services and advise their clients. Previously suspended from a firm of Rochdale solicitors in February 2012, Mr Ian Benbow was struck off from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and subsequently prosecuted via the criminal court.

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, The Bolton News and various other media outlets, Mr Benbow stole £11,460.40 and defrauded clients out of more than £64,000 over an 18-month period. He used the money to settle debts, pay for Christmas presents and food shopping.

In an attempt to cover up his long-term deception, Benbow also falsified correspondence from a QC on a bogus web address.

After being found guilty of 16 counts of fraud and theft, he was sentenced to two years in prison. Upon his release from prison, the self-proclaimed specialist in civil litigation approached Praetorian Legal for a job.

At the time of sentencing, a court official said, "Benbow was guilty of disgraceful conduct of the highest level and was clearly a risk to the public".

Judge Bernard Lever said, "You were a solicitor of the supreme court and people have got to be able to trust solicitors to tell the truth and not steal their money. You have let your profession down very, very badly."

Mr Benbow's image does not appear on the Pretorian Legal website and Praetorian Legal do not promote his existence at the company. However, there is a picture of him joining in with the festivities at the 2017 Praetorian Legal Christmas party. He is seen celebrating alongside named staff and directors.

and there is more click here

John Littler

Sandra Jennings

another SCAMM ----- THIS FAKE WEBSITES   :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Mercantile Claims is caught deceiving the timeshare public.

The Timeshare Association can report on another scandal perpetrated by the owners of Mercantile Claims (the sister company to Praetorian Legal). Mercantile Claims is owned by Mr Gary Smith and Mrs Hesker-Smith whose personal history includes assisting Eze Group Ltd and the O'Reilly crime family.

Presently, many timeshare consumers are seeking legal resolutions to disputes over timeshares and holiday clubs which were sold to them in Europe. Despite the many warnings, consumers have found themselves in financial peril, accordingly, in need of assistance from the legal profession.


Fake Indemnity Certificates are the timeshare terminators equivalent to snake oil - they claim they cure everything but do nothing

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