Some History of CLC and Eugene Kaiser

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Some History of CLC and Eugene Kaiser
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:25:25 »
It’s actually old news!

November 26, 2015, Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
As is well documented on this site I have a dislike for certain companies and individuals. My problems with them are only recent but as alluded to in some of my early posts they go back awhile.

I wasn’t sure how long but I came across the article the other day, that brings a few other names into the story. [nofollow]

I also note that the Canarian Legal Alliance are still advertising the fact they are winning cases, mainly against Anfi but a few others get a mention. Yet I can’t get a reply to any of my communications.

It amazes me that with what’s available on the internet with regards these people, that they still get business. I hope anybody coming across my site thinks twice!

October 14, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC,
ReClaim GC along with their partner in crime, Canarian Legal Alliance have spread their web even further with a view to bringing in clients and dazzling them with legal jargon and promises of money back and contracts cancelled.

They now have a new web address, [nofollow], so be careful consumers, stay well away!

Kaiser is still out there!

September 2,4, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
ReClaim GC and Canarian Legal Alliance will no longer tale my calls, answer my emails or and I know this is old fashioned, answer my letters!

They are still out there though and they are still operating, a glance at their respective websites tells me this but they now seem to be concentrating their focus on Anfi in Gran Canaria. The courts seem to be ruling in their favour in these cases but not in any of the others.

So I like many others am not holding my breath that I will ever see the money I gave them again!

It just proves the point that these cases they are undertaking are done with no real substance and it is just another way of conning people and obtaining money.

ReClaim GC – So it was a con all along!

July 2,8, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
For some time now I have been spreading the word about ReClaim GC and Eugen Kaiser, after handing over money and joining an ill fated law suit!

I have suspected for some time that the actual court case was going nowhere, ReClaim GC and Canarian Legal Alliance who they are in bed with, went extremely quiet and had stopped boasting about winning cases. In fact the truth was cases were being dismissed and their earlier winning cases had been over turned/

Well all legal action has now stopped due to the courts formally dismissing the cases, stating that there has been no wrong doing on behalf of the company the allegations were made against, in this case Silverpoint.

The article can be found here, [nofollow]

So what now, well I would guess none of us are going to see any of our money again, ReClaim GC will come up with a reason for not refunding anything, even after claiming, no win, no fee. Once again, Eugen Kaiser, Paula Beatson and all the other cronies have lined their pockets at the expense of others.

ReClaim GC are now a bunch of losers!

June 10, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
It would seem my misgivings about Eugen Kaiser and his merry bunch of companies, ReClaim GC and Canarian Legal Alliance are about spot on.

It has been sometime now since I have had contact and they certainly don’t return my calls or messages, probably because they have no good news to tell me, despite their earlier celebrations of cases won, they are now losing more and more and the earlier wins are being overturned.

I know this because SIlverpoint have sent out a statement with an update of what is going on., details are below:


Further to our statement that we sent out in January regarding the Civil Lawsuits in which SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L. has been involved, the Hon. Provincial High Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has continued to pass all of its Rulings in favour of SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L, categorically stating that there is no reason whatsoever why the contracts which were entered into should be declared null as, amongst other things, the purchasers were perfectly aware of what they were buying and also because they were not misled or pressurised into signing the contracts.

There have also been 34 new rulings from the first instance judges since January in favour of SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L

As we stated back in January it has been the High Court itself which has stated in some of its Rulings that it seemed as if the purchasers were looking for an excuse to get out of their contracts without having any justifiable reason to do so.  Therefore, in view of the High Court’s case-law any lawsuit filed for the same reasons against SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L. is more than likely to end in total failure. This is what we are seeing now with these further 10 cases in our favour.

We do not know if you have been advised of these latest wins by SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L. through your lawyer but thought we ought to bring this to your attention.

SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L. has made it clear and advises all concerned that it will not desist from legally claiming payment in full of all costs arising from the lawsuits that are filed against it.

Finally, we would also like to point out that SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L. is dedicated to providing customer care and takes all matters relating to client and third party relations very seriously and for this reason, it urges anyone who has a comment or complaint – and prior to taking any other action – they contact the Client Service Department, either by telephone or e-mail. What is more, we repeat our invitation all those persons who have already filed a civil lawsuit to contact our Customer Service Department with a view to reaching an agreement aimed at bringing the lawsuit to an end so that they do not find themselves being ordered to pay the legal costs incurred by SILVERPOINT VACATIONS, S.L.

I have done a little research, there are approximately 70 cases being processed and ReClaim are not expected to win anymore.

So it looks like my money is long gone and Eugen Kaiser pulls off another Con!

All Quiet on the ReClaim front!

May 21, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
There is a an old saying that ‘the silence is deafening’ and it certainly applies to ReClaim GC and Eugen Kaiser at the minute.

As I have documented, I am no fan of them and the way they go about business, especially using money I have paid in return for no service and no contact, as my requests to them seem to fall on deaf ears.

I had a look on their website today and in terms of ‘news’ their last post was on 2nd January, claiming to have gotten a victory for their clients against Incentive Leisure Group. Considering the business they are in and the amount of clients they must have, a five month period with no results is very poor, especially as in 2014, with the odd exception, they were posting about wins every month.

Is this the end of them? I certainly hope so……

Eugen Kaiser tries to turn the tables!

May 5, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
I stumbled across an article the other day which related to a raid performed by the police on one of Eugen Kaiser’s call centre’s, in Gran Canaria. One of many I presume that has the sle purpose of conning people out of money!

The article relates to complaints made by Kaiser about the legality of the raid and the detention of his staff, considering the way he runs his businesses and the illegal practise’s he himself use’s I find this extremely hypocritical but then again nothing this man does surprises me anymore.

I haven’t yet found a follow up article as to how the judge ruled on this complaint but I will keep searching, I cannot reiterate enough how Eugen Kaiser, Paula Beatson and ReClaim GC alongside Canarian Legal Alliance should be avoided at all costs.

here is a link to the article itself: [nofollow]

ReClaim GC – Same Old Story

April 21, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
You will note from reading my blog that I am not a fan of ReClaim GC, Eugen Kaiser or Paula Beatson due to the fact that my bank account is a few thousand pounds lighter thanks to them and their unscrupulous ways. The meeting I attended was fast flowing and full of jargon and confusing phrases, they really can pull the wool over your eyes.

I stumbled across this article that actually bought back memories of the meeting and explains how they work a lot clearer than I could. [nofollow]

How these people are still in business is beyond me but yet they continue to take peoples hard earned money, my message to anybody is stay away from them, they can’t carry through their promises!

Eugen Kaiser the Hypocrite!

April 6, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, Con, Eugene Kaiser, ReClaim GC

As I do more and more research on Eugen Kaiser and his many companies and accomplishes, my sense of disbelief just continues to grow.

When I was approached by ReClaim GC, they were asking me to join a class action in order to get my money back for my Timeshare, on the grounds that it had been mis-sold. These cases that they have going on through Canarian Legal Alliance are not being won, as there was no mis-selling.

Eugen Kaiser himself has been investigated and arrested for fraudulent selling of Timeshare products, this link certainly makes interesting reading, [nofollow]

He has got some front to be now claiming to assist people recover money when he himself made a fortune from mis-selling in the first place!

ReClaim GC gave a refund!

March 9, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel
Don’t get too excited as I did when I came across an article with a similar headline. Upon reading it, a couple did indeed get a refund from ReClaim and Voyager BUT it was back in 2011 and I suspect that since then they have closed whatever loop hole it was that allowed this to happen.

My efforts in obtaining my money back are going nowhere fast as the contract I signed seems watertight. It just angers me that stories like this are out there in the public domain, in essence pointing to the fact that what they are doing is wrong but yet they are still allowed to continue in business.

This article also throws another name into the fray for me, Kieron Day, so I have more home work to do!

To amuse myself, I have been having a play around with You Tube and have uploaded a nice little video featuring ReClaim GC and Mr Eugen Kaiser and Paula Beatson. Just search for ReClaim GC is a con on You Tube.

Here is the link a well for the refund story: [nofollow]

The Con Artists

February 24, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, CLA Marketing SL, Con, Eugene Kaiser, Lifestyle Holidays, Paula Beatson, ReClaim GC, Voyager Travel.

For some time now the Timeshare Industry has had a bad reputation and has never really come under any official governing body. I detailed in my first post about my treatment at the hands of a company called ReClaim GC, led by the unscrupulous Eugen Kaiser. The company claim to be able to claim you money back against mis-sold timeshare products. The amazing thing about this is Eugen Kaiser used to do exactly that, mis-sell timeshare products. Back in 2013 he alongside his financial mastermind, Paula Beatson were arrested by authorities in Gran Canary accused of running a 4.3 million timeshare scam, this had been going on since 2007. They were also accused of fraud in 2006 but were never prosecuted. At the time they were operating under several names including Voyager Travel and Lifestyle Holidays.

They seemed to have got away with it again though as they currently have a company called CLA Marketing SL and ReClaim GC as well as being involved with Canarian Legal Alliance. How can Eugen Kaiser and Paula Beatson still be in business and more importantly now trying to scam and con people even more by offering to get them refunds on products they themselves once sold?

My aim is to spread the word about these two and ensure nobody falls for one of their con’s in the future.

Details of the original arrest can be found here, [nofollow]

And it appears I am not the only one on a crusade, I found another blog here as well, [nofollow]


A Crusade Against ReClaim GC, Eugene Kaiser & Canarian Legal Alliance

February 12, 2015 Canarian Legal Alliance, Con, Eugene Kaiser, ReClaim GC
I’ve decided to write this blog to highlight a recent con I fell foul to and hope that it will prevent others from making the same mistake, the naming and shaming is all to do with RECLAIM GC, EUGENE KAISER, CANARIAN LEGAL ALLIANCE & GC RESORTS.

I’m sure I will come across other names and companies as it seems that the protagonists have a large web of aliases.

My story started with the death of my wife a couple of years ago, around that time I was cold called by ReClaim GC, informing me that they were starting legal action against the company through which I had my timeshare, they claimed I was missold and was entitled to my money back and compensation. I have no problem with the product I was sold and dismissed their call, however they were very persistent and persuasive, calling me back every day, eventually and after talking to my family and none of them expressing an interest in my weeks, I agreed to attend a meeting, they wore me down. I figured if I wasn’t going to get a use from my weeks anymore I may as well get rid of them.

The meeting was all very positive as you would expect, full of promises about how they were going to win all the cases and how we would be receiving money back and compensation. It was also a no win no fee, but and it’s a big but, I paid 11,000€ upfront, to go into a pot to cover expenses (I think this is the line they used); this would obviously be refunded if there was no win.

At first they did indeed win cases, however these were appealed, so the process was slow, at that point all contact with them was very good, however they then started losing cases, the product sold to us was an investment scheme and did fall within the Timeshare Code, so there is no real chance of them actually carrying out their promises, they are just going to continue to lose cases.

I requested to withdraw at this point and take me money back, I was then referred to a company called, Canarian Legal Alliance, I spoke to them about not proceeding as I saw it as a waste of time and requested my money back. Well it will come as no surprise that I was told, the contract couldn’t be cancelled and I couldn’t have my money back as it had already been used pursuing these legal cases. So much for No Win, No Fee!

At the end of the day, I was foolish but they also caught me at a vulnerable time in my life, the money is not important to me, fortunately and I know how that makes me very lucky, but for other people it is important.

I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to others, so I will be scouring the internet to expose these crooks, so watch this space. If you want to contribute, please feel free to do

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Re: Some History of CLC and Eugene Kaiser
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 19:44:46 »
Its a long time ago, they might have changed?

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Re: Some History of CLC and Eugene Kaiser
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forgot to sya------have they