Vacation club sellers lured with a lawyer

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Vacation club sellers lured with a lawyer
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:49:19 »
Became a holiday club member to get rid of a timeshare agreement on Gran Canaria

Trouble in a timeshare paradise on Gran Canaria

Justlar and Storebø from Loddefjord, won a case against the Norwegian-Canarian timeshare company Anfi Group in the province of Las Palmas.

The married couple was delighted with the week-long stays at the Anfi del Mar resort in Arguineguin, which they had contracted since 1998 and upgraded in 2005.

They were, however, very dissatisfied with the fact that they could only achieve a fraction of the price they had paid, about $ 210,000 when they decided to sell the right to use in 2010.

At that time the couple tried to sell, without success, they discovered during a holiday stay on Gran Canaria commercial posters for a company called ReclaimGC.

These could allegedly help timeshare customers out of the agreements and recover the money they had paid for the right of use of the apartments.

"We did not contact ReclaimGC, but began to think that lawyer assistance could be an opportunity to get out of the timeshare agreement and get decent pay," says Kenneth Storebø to

Vacation club sellers lured with a lawyer

Soon after, the couple was praised by holiday club sellers and attended a sales meeting for the holiday club Voyager Travel, a competitor to the Anfi Group, at the Club Puerto Atlantico hotel in Arguineguin.

Here they told the sellers that they were not selling the timeshare deal with Anfi del Mar.

"Then the salesmen said they could help us with the fact that they had lawyers who worked with such. If we just signed an agreement with the holiday club, the lawyers would make sure we were free from the agreement with Anfi and got back at least 400,000 kroner.

Could stay at Anfi facilities

Despitscepticismpticism, Storebø and Justlar seemed that the offer was alluring.

The sellers argued that they could continue to take holiday vacations on Anfi del Mar through Voyager Travel, but at a much lower cost.

The money they would receive from Anfi would cover the cost of the holiday club, in addition to covering what they had paid into Anfi.

In addition, they would have significantly lower annual maintenance costs, it was deceived.

"It may not be a good idea, afterwards, when we found out we could have contacted the lawyers directly without going through the holiday club, but we did. We signed a $ 100,000 contract on a holiday club deal with Voyager Travel, says Storebø.

Entered agreement on legal assistance

The next thing that happened was that they were contacted by a law firm that also exists in Arguineguin, and has a close relationship with Voyager Travel, now called Orbit Travel.

This holiday club has been started and led by German Eugen Friedrich Kaiser, former marketing manager at Anfi from 1999 to 2002. It is among the timeshare and holiday clubs that have brought most complaints to the consumer organization Consumer Europe.

Both holiday club and timeshare lawyers

Kaiser also established the ResaleGC Marketing law firm in 2009, according to the company register in Las Palmas. ReclaimGC is a registered trademark of ResaleGC Marketing.

ResaleGC apparently ran immediately as the Canarian Legal Alliance (CLA), registered in the company register with Kaiser's wife Alexandra Jane Emmot as CEO, today:

Mainly offering timeshare customers legal assistance to get out of timeshare deals, after what knows.

ReclaimGC acquired ResaleGC customers, mainly through telephone sales, such as CLA Marketing, which is also linked to the holiday club sphere, today. The Canarian Legal Alliance and CLA Marketing are after all judging just new names on ResaleGC and ReclaimGC.

Competition and legal opponent

Eugen Kaiser mentioned in an interview with the Canary Journal in the 2014 Canarian Legal Alliance as "our lawyers".

As it appears, the holiday club, which is thus started by a former Anfi market manager who ended after a conflict, both a direct competitor for timeshare companies such as Anfi del Mar, and an opponent in court through an affiliated law firm.

Telephone sales activities in CLA Marketing provide customers to the law firm by calling timeshare customers.

The holiday club's sellers apparently do the same by luring a lawyer's aid to dissatisfied timeshare customers if they sign a contract with the holiday club.

It also became Tove Grimsbo, who has won a similar case as Justlar / Storebø against Anfi in the Supreme Court, exposed to. However, Grimsbo did not agree to a club agreement but signed a lawyer's contract with the same lawyers as Justlar / Storebø.

In other words, the holiday club is started by a person who has also started law firm whose main task is to provide timeshare customers with legal assistance to get out of their timeshare deals and get back what they have paid for their deals.

Mass performance in 2013

In the summer of 2013, there was a major police action with mass arrests of people who worked for the Kaiser holiday club.

Kaiser has also twice been subjected to police action after suspicion of fraud, according to Canary news media and the Mindtimeshare organization, but has not been convicted.

The background for the operation in 2013 was a review from a number of customers, including Norwegians, who claimed they were fraudulent. There were also Norwegians among those arrested.

In a subsequent court hearing, seven leaders in the companies, Eugen Friedrich Kaiser, Timothy Roberts Matthew, Luckau Jorn Peter, Yvonne James, Mark Misin, Paula Louise Beatson and Rodolf Antonius Mattheus, explain.

The referee rejected the case in 2014 because of procedural errors from the police.

Apply for treatment

However, the verdict has been appealed to the Provincial Court of Las Palmas, which has not yet ruled on the appeal.

It says Alberto Garcia from Mindtimeshare, who supported the mass review in 2013 on behalf of over 60 Voyager Travel customers.

Mindtimeshare is also funded by timeshare companies, and Garcia worked as security manager at Anfi at the time Eugen Kaiser worked there.

Many complaints

Of the 113 inquiries Consumer Europe received in terms of time share and holiday clubs in 2014, a large proportion of two holiday club names and two companies related to the holiday club in Arguineguin belonged:

The holiday clubs Voyager Travel and Go-Compass, really same club with old and new names, and the companies Lifestyle Holiday and Orbit Management.

In addition, there were complaints at Anfi del Mar (Gran Canaria), Holiday Club (Gran Canaria), Diamond Resort, Intelligent Software Solutions, Interval International and Realistix Solutions. Some of these are only intermediaries for timeshare and holiday clubs.

Consumer Europe has also received several complaints at Arguineguin holiday club under its newest club name Orbit Travel and new company name Orbit Management. They have also received complaints from ReclaimGC in previous years.

In other words, the holiday club in Arguineguin has a pretty frightful reputation, as is also evident from a number of discussion forums on the internet.

The trial process was under way

Justlar and Storebø, however, had not heard of potential problems associated with the club at the time they entered into contracts with the holiday club and law firm in 2010.

The married couple signed a contract with the law firm just after signing the holiday club agreement.

However, when they won the case in the first round of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana local court in November 2013, the holiday club scandal had exploded in the media.

Was skeptical

"Yes, we got it with us, and began to wonder what we had done. In one case, we tried to book an airline ticket through Voyager Travel, who had promised that they could obtain cheap airline tickets. It turned out they were not cheaper than what we could find on their own by searching the web, Storebø says.

The married couple has still not used any of the services they have contracted with Voyager Travel.

"We are going to travel to Gran Canaria again, and we may try to book a stay through the holiday club. Then we'll see if it works, "says Storebø.

Probably prone to fraudulent attempts

Storebø was also called in two cases by Norwegian-speaking people who claimed that they represented a company that could acquire the buyer for the timeshare agreement the couple has with Anfi.

The buyer was stated to be a German travel company.

- He said he could see that we did not spend the nights we had contracted and asked if we could imagine selling the remaining part of the deal. I do not know how he knew we had not vacationed at Anfi for a while, "Storebø says.

Storebø received both contract proposals by e-mail, but did not bet.

The procedure is reminiscent of a fraud variant, as there have been several recent revelations, including in Gran Canaria in July 2014 , where a Norwegian was among the arrested.

TV 2 helps you have had more touches on such fraud cases where Norwegians have been deprived of large amounts of money, and about Norwegians who are having trouble getting out of deals.

Network of Company

In the July 2013 notification against the holiday club Voyager Travel, which is not a company but a brand, several companies were listed. The notifier claims that all of these are related to each other:

Lifestyle Holidays, which is registered in the Seychelles and has a bank account in Morocco. Listed as a contract partner in holiday club deals with Voyager Travel, and later with Go-Compass, named Voyager Travel after the police action.

Day International Marketing, established in 2009 at the same address as Voyager Travel at Club Puerto Atlantico. Eugen Kaiser was listed in the 2009 Firm Registry, Paula Beatson from 2011. Kieron Day has been appointed director. Beatson has also been mentioned as administrator of a number of other companies in the Kaiser sphere over the years, such as the Canarian Legal Alliance, Puerto Atlantico Enterprice, ResaleGC Marketing, Property Shop Gran Canaria and Sapphire Marketing Solutions. Kieron Day is also registered at Sapphire Marketing Solutions in 2011.

ResaleGC Marketing, which has an address in Arguineguin. Eugene Kaiser has been listed as the founder of the corporate register in 2009, and Kieron Day as director. Offers to help people out of timeshare deals.

ReclaimGC, a brand sales center for ResaleGC Marketing. Address in Arguineguin.

Canarian Legal Alliance (CLA), with address in Arguineguin and registered in the company register with Alexandra Jane Emmot, Eugen Kaiser's wife, as director. Drives apparently the same activity as ResaleGC Marketing, and is after all judging a continuation of this company.
Wunschurlaub, whose address is at the Eurocenter shopping center in Maspalomas and is registered with Peter Elstner as director.
Timeshare Refund Network.

MM Consultancy
Resorts 4 all.
Blue Flag Travel Solutions.
Travel Promotions.
Gran Canaria Resorts

The law firm Kaehler-Abogados, established in 2003 by Carlos Kaehler Romero, and with offices at the Sonneland shopping center in Maspalomas.
In addition, a number of lawyers as the notifier claims jobs for the Canarian Legal Alliance.
Still new name
Following the police action in 2013, new brand names and companies have emerged:

Voyager Travel changed its name to Go-Compass in 2013, and later to Orbit Travel, the last name has seen in contracts concluded with the holiday club. Much indicates that the club called Design Vacation back in 2005/2006, as Design Vacation had the same address and phone number as Voyager Travel.

Orbit Management, registered in September 2013 at Yvonne James, one of those arrested in the summer of 2013. This company name is used as contract partner for agreements entered into with the ferry club Orbit Travel.
CLA Marketing, registered in October 2013 on Stephen James Doyle, appears to be doing the same activity as ReclaimGC, namely providing clients to the law firm's Canarian Legal Alliance services.

Company attached to Kaiser

Eugen Kaiser's name is linked to a number of company establishments since 2003 in the company register:

Sands Radio i 2003
Puerto Atlantico Enterprise i 2005
Resiak Enterprise Limitied i 2006
Property Shop Gran Canaria 2007
Day International Marketing i 2007
Resalegc Marketing i 2009
Sapphire Marketing Solutions i 2009
Beaumont & Bergmann i 2011 has requested a reply from the holiday club at Eugen Kaiser, and from the law firm at the Canary Legal Alliance, but has not received a deadline reply for this article.

Orbit Travel vs. Anfi

The holiday club Orbit Travel offers so-called «holiday packages».

You pay a larger sum in advance in order to book accommodation at different hotels in several places in the world through the club, allegedly at lower overnight rates than the usual market price, and get a certain number of overnight stays during a certain period of time.

The price varies with the duration of the contract. Typically from around 3500 euros for three-year contracts to 12,000 euros for long-term contracts.

There is also an annual, small maintenance fee and, as mentioned above, you must pay the cost of the accommodation itself. The purchase price also does not include travel to and from the property.

Orbit Travel is located in a small hotel, Club Puerto Atlantico in Arguineguin, where club members can also get overnight stays

Anfi offers time shares in apartments in Anfi del Mar and Anfi Tauro against a prepaid sum. The purchase price varies with the size of the apartment, the duration of the contract, how many weeks per year you will allocate it, and whether it is floating or fixed weeks, that is, you are disposing of the apartment in the same weeks of each year. You do not pay anything for the accommodation itself in the facility you have contracted on.

Judgments in this year in the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court, however, state that floating weeks and unspecified apartments are not allowed.

The prices of purchases directly from Anfi are in the order of 20,000 euros for one week once a year in one-bedroom apartments to accommodate large apartments and several weeks a year.

Anfi also offers its timeshare customers accommodation at discounted rates on a large number of accommodations around the world, significantly more than Orbit Travel offers.

Like Orbit Travel, Anfi has an annual maintenance fee, but this is significantly greater than Orbit's fee. Travel to and from the accommodation is not included in the purchase price.

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