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Started by David Cox, February 24, 2019, 15:52:49

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David Cox

Furthermore, Waddington's the company which Miss Waddington owns spends nearly £1.2 million on marketing service. She knows that this sum represents over 60% of its sales income and knows this leave a mere 40 % to service its clients with legal services.

The facts are Waddington's have delivered its allegations and TESS have time stamped the words employed. Those words are in clear and unambiguous language, so the allegations made are precise.

TESS have checked out the individual who made the allegation and they are confirmed as being a senior representative and employee of Waddington's.

I normally have the uttermost respect for Solicitors however, on this occasion I dispense with cordiality as Waddington has flouted the ethics each solicitor agrees to abide by. In this matter, Waddington's are besmudging her SRA societies rules are nefariously attracting at least one other SRA solicitor who (like TESS) has an unblemished record

Sarah Waddington Solicitors Ltd was incorporated in 2014 and it is believed she came into knowledge about timeshare civil by her new boyfriend Mr Parry Booth. Perry Booth worked for and was dismissed by - Diamond Resorts and for alleged data breaches.


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David Cox

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