What Happens if a Resort Pulls Out of RCI Affiliation?

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What Happens if a Resort Pulls Out of RCI Affiliation?
« on: March 18, 2019, 18:42:20 »
I have received a letter unexpectedly from my timeshare resort in the UK stating that the new owner (I didn't know it was being sold on) intends to "bring to an end the relationship with RCI Europe".  My timeshare has been enrolled into RCI Points for a number of years.  Can they, in effect, force me to take it out of the RCI exchange network?

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Re: What Happens if a Resort Pulls Out of RCI Affiliation?
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2019, 09:48:11 »
It seems likely that we are talking about the same resort (Richmond Park Golf Club?) as I have had a similar letter and would also like to know where we stand - as the weeks were purchased solely to use in the RCI Points system.

The letter also mentioned planned refurbishment and upgrades with a consequent "levy" on maintenance fees. I would be interested to know whether the new owners would be able to pass on all or much of the upgrade costs as a levy on maintenance fees.

It occurs to me that both might be presented as "scare tactics" as the letter goes on to invite owners to pay a substantial sum to exit their ownership agreements if they do not like the planned changes.

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Re: What Happens if a Resort Pulls Out of RCI Affiliation?
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2019, 10:04:20 »

Just interested

Were these decisions taken at a meeting?
Were they voted on?
Are there any recorded minutes

Is there a committee running the resort for the owners , and what do they do/say/think?

If none of these are present it seems that your resort is pretty lax and wide open to some group "taking control" and doing what they want.
Unfortunately your resort will not be the first and probably not the last.

Dependent upon the answers to the above - I would just suggest you proceed very carefully. Someone has some very different and new ideas for how they see your resort operating moving forward
If you don't like or agree with what is going on, write and tell them.

If you get to the stage where you are really unhappy, your end choice is always to tell them you do not want to be part of this. They have not sought your agreement, what they are doing has not been agreed , not voted upon and not recorded in any minutes. Essentially a breach of contract on their part.

Walk away. Ignore any threats. Respond to the first few letters by repeating your dissatisfaction with their unapproved actions, then ignore them.

Unfortunately these changes occur and the people behind them generally trample all over your rights and ignore the law. To give you a similar example, one of my timeshares, fixed weeks, fixed apartment number was changed to another resort, floating weeks, floating apartment. All the owners voted against this, but they still went ahead and did it?????? I walked away. Luckily I had 20 years of use , and did not feel too cheated but my ownership certificate was a waste of paper.
I vowed then ( 5 years ago) I would never buy another timeshare. Shame, because I think the concept is very good, and we have gone to many resorts where I would willingly have bought additional weeks , but have been put off for life.