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Started by David Cox, April 11, 2019, 07:44:53

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David Cox

Egerton Advisory Service and the claims against Eze group

Posted on April 9, 2019 by mindtimeshare

It looks like the sentence against the directors of Eze Group has given dubious cold callers all kinds of "creative" ideas.

One of these cold callers is Egerton Advisory Service.

A woman called Sarah and a man called George Smith are supposedly calling from the company Egerton Advisory.

They inform the consumer that they are named on a list of people defrauded by Eze and that they are entitled to compensation.

He claims the two owners of Eze group who have been charged and found guilty, have now been ordered to pay back ex-customers by the Madrid court. Supposedly the case was transferred from Tenerife where their Head offices were based in the past 10 years to the Madrid courts.

The money was also deposited in the Spanish bank in Madrid and Egerton Advisory is going to sort it all out for the consumers.

The consumer will get all the money back they paid to Eze Group.

After the initial call, a follow up email is received from a Sarah Elliott who states the following:

"Our processing fee is £750 this includes our fees, courier service, and translation services, once you have paid our fees we will be under contract with you to finalize the claim, all monies will be settled within 10 working days. If the process does not complete within the given timeframe all monies will be returned to you the client.

All monies that you will be receiving are being settled to you by the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shore (EZE Group) Holdings SL, were upon you were listed as one of their members.

All monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long-standing relationship with the high court in Madrid and the central bank of Spain, this is also applicable to our clients that have an issue with any (EZE Group) dealings and or concerns in Portugal. As we also have a good working relationship with the Portuguese chamber of commerce."


Although they are using the name of a registered company in the UK, we have no doubt that this company has NOTHING to do with the actual cold callers.

Contact details for this dubious set up are:

Telephone: 02037452315

If Egerton Advisory Service approached you on a cold call or maybe by letter with the guarantee of obtaining your money back through the Madrid courts, please let us know.

You can send us an email to or fill in the CONTACT US form.
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