Bryan Wilson and his ‘Gravy train to the Courts’

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Bryan Wilson and his ‘Gravy train to the Courts’
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The New Selling Ethos

“pump and dump” – “Let’s Rock”

With Pumping productions and a hellish ambition to become next year’s millionaire, the ramshackle mind of Bryan Wilson has become synonymous with ‘misselling scandal’.

Mr Wilson began his days as a slick timeshare salesman basing himself in Spain where he fast became the man in charge of a Timeshare Resorts, sales deck. In full command of his allocation of dutiful timeshare sellers, his first order of business was to instruct them to prowl the bars and breakfast room of the vacation club in an effort the capture lone couples and guide them into his ‘pump and dump’ selling room. When captured, the team of ‘brutal’s’ sold to victims’ hour after hour until they lobbed in the towel, handed over the credit card to buy the product being vended.

With cry’s of just ‘let me out’ many thought, by signing, they could obtain some sense of freedom as they just wanted the event to end. Lacking cash to buy the overstated product, loans documents came out and the dirty deed was done, the liability incurred and under his watchful eye of Mr Wilson and of course the dutiful but controlled compliance officer.

Repeatedly, lines were drawn, the trenches dug and for the purpose of money extraction, which would give plenty to the resort, large commissions to him, his troopers, and would impoverish the buyer for daring to enter financial peril. With razzle-dazzle clothes, cars, a lifestyle to suit, life became great for the sales team and with wine friend of plenty, many others surfaced to join in, one of the timeshare industry misselling scandals.  ‘Fractional ownership’

Then came the closure of Mr Wilsons sale deck and the dowdiness of the product he sold became apparent to the courts. The timeshare industries position was to fire them all, keep silent on the scandal and put up the shutters leaving the consumers in a mire of questions and a loan to pay each month. 

Now dismantled, the fleet of willing participant headed by Wilson gave good thought to their own contribution had a good think on how to get back the lifestyle lost. The end of days of selling untraceable holiday inventory had arrived and the pipeline of riches ended, so thoughts were turned to what other dead horse could be flogged.

Dumped into a life of “find a new job mate” a clear need to seek out a place that would appreciate his skills became his overriding objection. In full pursuit of becoming a member of a new misselling dream team he cosied up to Eze Groups Chief executive officer (an ex-timeshare sales manager of the notorious Lanzarote Beach Club).

This charlatan was non-other than the highly charged Eze Group CEO ‘Mr Dominic O’ Reilly’ who sold timeshare in a resort not built and never would be built. A demigod in his own right and a cardinal in scandal town.

He had constructed a sale deck in the UK selling leisure credits and the selling was supervised over by the watchful eye of Mr Gary Smith of LCM LAW Ltd not a man of principled repute, but one who would turn a blind eye

‘Stop selling Timeshare points membership’ You fool was the cry “the new kid on the block” is “Leisure Credits” we sell credits which give discounts on massively overcharged products that don’t exist – now that got to be more profitable than ‘Timeshare’. With Leisure Credits you don’t have to build a holiday resort, employ staff etc - you just sell an unfulfillable dream.

Like every gaggle of robbers, you need a team and Wilson became the part of this new dream team. Roping Mr Smith wife into the band, she looked after the Leisure Credit Association and Praetorian legal (now Mercantile claims) and the selling of this defunct product began, in earnest, and to achieve financial glory. In terms of selling, Eze needed a key sales manager and Wilson was that man.

Selling Eze Leisure credits - well ‘it’s a no brainer’, ‘its oysters and wine’ all day long. A team place, they took to cold-calling booths built a web of companies, a battalion of crooked sellers and the rouse began.

Selling nonsense in a web of lies became the mission. It provided a clump-full of cash, at the expense of the timeshare industry who were caught off guard. Not a slither of benefits given, the consumers, Timeshare industry, consumer associations and authorities were incensed and with complaint drawers full, the trading standards stepped with ambling speed, raided the offices, shut them down and prosecuted O’ Reilly his daughter and the Company.

Face with a racket in headlights the arrestees thew up their hands and pled guilty however the merry band of accomplices wandered off into the mist in search of the next ticket.

Like moronic’s fed with money catapults, the obscene salesmen and legal service providers were sent packing to find another misselling adventures. The O’ Reilly’s got Jailed and in the case of wonky Wilson, the penny dropped he would now sell ‘legal services’ and ‘legal advice’ suggesting he would get the money back he helped to take.

To advance a continuance of selling unprincipled products, he set up the mighty, scholarly and highly charged ‘Claims Solutions group Ltd’ the gamekeeper turned poacher and now the ‘bomb fisherman’. Accordingly, he now took his place on the ladder of the misselling giants and with the aid of the internet now dumped on the general populous corrupted ‘legal advice’.

In the case of the Smiths, they all congregated at Praetorian Legal selling legal dreams, backed up with worthless indemnity certificates, Filling the gap of legal experience they employed an equally crooked helper in the form of a recently released solicitor called Mr Ian Benbow. His crims were thieving off his employers and by raiding the client account. After a hail of online disclosures, it now appears the future is to drop Praetorian Legal and switch its operations to heavily promoted Mercantile Claims.

In an overcoat of drizzle, it does not appear that any lenting in the scamming fields is on the horizon - for timeshare consumers

From an industry tiger to an Eze credits pond feeder, Wilson rocketed to a position of delivering his own brand of ‘twonk twiddle’ in a self-reinforced delusion, he created. Claims Solution Group Limited was born and to ensure his newly acquired grandiose adventure was sufficiently financed, he invested the grand sum of £100.00. ‘the cost of a second-hand fridge or lawnmower’.

The fake lawyer

With the team disbanded and a new heyday ahead, Wilson began scooping up clients and charging large upfront sums and to deliver legal services to the unsuspecting timeshare brotherhood. In do so, he has no legal experience, is not a member of any institution, is incapable of forming reasoned arguments and never had any legal grounding - just a manual on how to meander down wannabe road.

‘Speak to one of our specialist claims advisers today, he claims; – ‘We have many years of experience in helping timeshare owners throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world’ - ‘for a truly independent view of where you stand & how we can help you, please contact us today’.

Mind Boggling to say the very least

The statement below, delivered by Wilson is quite disconcerting

“Over the last few years many timeshare owners have been mis-sold Fractional Ownership as a get out/exit proposition by Timeshare companies, it has now become very clear that these Fractional Purchases were merely a new way for timeshare companies to get additional monies from their ever ageing member base”.

He sold these products and used the exact same patter; to sell - sell - sell!!!

In his new wave of scamming, he says “Fractional Ownership has been sold by Timeshare Companies as an investment which is highly illegal”

Thoughtful minds will know, that he used the same slogans to enrich himself - when he sold Timeshare and now in possession of his own highly regarded ‘legal position’ he says, “our business is built on reputation”. Poppycock

The issue of fake lawyers in the world of timeshare matters cannot be avoided, in this matter, the authorities are acting against some disingenuous solicitor, lawyers, claims managers, fake indemnity sellers and downright crooks who prey on consumers flitting from company to company firm to firm and gang to gang.
It’s not a case of if you will lose, it’s when.
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Re: Bryan Wilson and his ‘Gravy train to the Courts’
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Re: Bryan Wilson and his ‘Gravy train to the Courts’
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well written and to the point......
Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

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Re: Bryan Wilson and his ‘Gravy train to the Courts’
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Pretorian Legal Ltd - Mercantile Claims – Timeshare ‘The wages of Sin’

Many will recall all past and present owners/Directors of Pretorian legal [Pretorian] and Mercantile Claims Mercantile [Mercantile] were managerially involved with Eze Group and when it mis-sold, their corrupt brand of Leisure Credit products.

Mr Gary Smith was the ‘director of compliance’ at Eze Group and his wife Mrs Karen Hesker-Smith ran the Leisure Credit Association.   The facts show, the Eze Group crime family - target Timeshare consumers and when doing so, invited them to sale presentations.   In the confines of those sales presentations, the court heard how badly consumers were treated. [nofollow]
Free Advice TESS Law [nofollow]