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Started by Happy Days are here again, May 07, 2019, 19:03:58

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Happy Days are here again

Fantastic news from Crown resorts in the last few days. They have called a special general meeting for 29th May 2019 . The meeting has been called for members to consider and vote on a offer to purchase their rights in the current club. I have owned at Crown since they were built and though we went through troubled times with threats of losing our timeshares we have survived due to diligence of the owner's committee who took over the running of the club. The offer on the table appears to make perfect sense and is sure to be debated here in more detail after the vote.


Agree, it all sounds brilliant, and obviously went through etc.

Can I ask has anyone received their initial payment regarding the buyout ? 

Dave C

Yes, I have my cheque and a new CrownPoints Certificate.


All good news for a change


I don't know where else to post this. We have been owners at Crown Resorts for 20 years, always managed to get fantastic exchanges all over the world for our week through RCI. Now Crown Resorts are saying our week is worth 22,500 points - we can't get any kind of decent exchange for this. Anything we could get with it would be considerably less than the maintenance fees. Check exactly what your points are worth before you accept what Crown Resorts is offering. The weeks system has far more inventory than the points system. They say you can us your points for car hire - the car hire would cost about £200, so you're losing money already. We are appalled that the value of our timeshare week has effectively been destroyed by Crown Resorts and are taking legal advice with a view to taking Crown Resorts to court as we can demonstrate that our timeshare is worth considerably more as a week than as points. We'd be very interested in hearing how other members have been affected as there must be other people in our situation.


I owned 1st week ìn may at club marbella.
They gave me 36000 points.
Any idea when we recieve our 2nd payment???

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