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Started by TimeshareTalk, May 09, 2019, 18:03:42

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We knew it was going to happen and we see now - we weren't wrong. After the sentence against the directors of Eze Group, new companies are popping up like mushrooms and offering services to recover money paid to Eze group.

The latest one we have heard about is called H&K Ltd. They call Eze Group consumers out of the blue and offer to recover the full amount of money paid to Eze group. For a fee of £725 the consumer will receive the money and settled in 10 working days. The money would be supposedly transferred into an Escrow Account, and they insist that the money would be safe there.

This processing fee of £725 is for administration, courier, and translation of paperwork. H&K will prepare the documents for the "court" which need to be signed by the consumer. But as the money is awarded already, this paperwork, along with a cheque will be sent out within 10 working days.

The consumer can then pay the cheque into their bank and simply sign one set of the paperwork and send it back to H&K by post. In case the paperwork and cheque are not received within the stipulated ten working days, the processing fee will be returned and the procedure would start again.

So right, you pay £725, you wait and then nothing arrives.... and then what do you do? Call them? Email them? Because there is no address, no website, no company details, nothing!

And if they then don't pick up the phone or reply to the email? Yes! You guessed right, your £725 will be lost! We certainly don't think this sounds like a trustworthy transaction.

As mentioned, the details on H&K Ltd reduce to a telephone number: 02037451019

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