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« on: July 18, 2019, 18:57:05 »
This is now beyond a joke

1. Companies are spending thousands a month on google and facebook adds (close to six figures)
2. Most of these companies are run by ex-timeshare salesmen and are not qualified or regulated.
3. Some are dishing out indemnity policies that are "disrectionary" i.e. not worth the paper they are worth at.
4. Many of these companies are at best middlemen for real lawyers i.e you are paying more for legal services.
5. Many are doing nothing but send out periodic updates about fictitious "group actions" or their "ongoing investigations"
6. If you have been cold called you have either been scammed, overcharged or your prospects have been exaggerated.
7. Spanish cases are being WON and LOST and there are difficulties in respect of certain cases in GETTING PAID even where judgements have been obtained.
8. Where "legal services" are being offered the quality of work is extremely poor but heh training to sell timeshares does not a lawyer make.
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