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Started by Boss Man, May 02, 2005, 10:12:46

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Boss Man

Some of the MacDonald owners have come together and set up a forum for MacDonald owners. You can see the site at -


I need help planning a vaction to malaga. Would highly appreciate if you could help me clear up a thousand confusions i have.

I am Ankita Gupta from New Delhi India. I will be traveling with my husband and son to malaga in may 2007. Have u heard of Macdonald Doña Lola Resort  ( mijas Costa ). I might find accomodation there. How is it ?

I am a first time visitor and we are more interested in th e Moorish arcitecture and culture of Spain ( as against night life and beaches ). Where should we basse ourself ? We want to be near the malaga airport , we have 7 days with us and want tosee seveille , granada and whtaever else is close to mijas costa.

Pls advise

Thanks so much

Best wishes.........Ankita

Boss Man


Please see my email.


anybody got a week 31 or 32 at any of the macdonald resorts in spain?im looking to buy a unit would consider any size!


I can help you on this one , give me untill tomorrow and i will private message you .

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