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Started by TimeshareTalk, December 12, 2019, 16:18:32

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Golden Sands timeshare resort contained within Radisson Blu Golden Sands and Spar and operated by Azure Services Ltd has now succumbed to the storm of orbital litigation on account of their misselling of timeshares and Associated finance contacts.

From the evidence provided one can be forgiven for postulating that the litigation flows from a misselling scandal and the cost to Azures is expected to top £44,000,000 as the banks may have a subrogation rights to offset the damages they are forced to pay and back to the resort developer.

Azure Resorts Ltd still remains a member of the Resort Development Organisation [RDO] as Developer member. They claim Azure is a leading European specialist in the vacation ownership industry, have over ten years of experience in Malta and have developed a unique range of innovative lifestyle products.

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