O1C is a curious organisation that also calls itself Our One Club

Started by TimeshareTalk, January 02, 2020, 09:45:07

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O1C is a curious organisation that also calls itself Our One Club. It uses an address on a small business estate in Truro, Cornwall, but the company itself is registered in Malaga, Spain. O1C says: 'With over 30 years of experience in fraud claims and a reputation of success in the field, O1C offers a new specialist service directly to the public. All fraud cases are considered, from property and land to stocks and shares.'

But Spanish company records show O1C was registered in February this year. So I asked its boss Dawn Kiernan how it had notched up 30 years of experience and successes. She admitted that her company was new, but explained: 'Our legal advisers, who represent the company, have over 30 years in this field.'

So, has O1C - or its lawyers --really seized more than £1 million from Eze's bank account, and can its victims claim a slice of this in return for £2,999? Kiernan would only say 'the lawyers are actively pursuing claims against the Spanish arm of Eze Group', which is not quite the same as sitting on a pile of cash.

And she was not sure, she told me, where you would have got such exact figures, or the promises given over the phone.


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