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Started by David Cox, March 19, 2020, 07:45:20

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David Cox

The Anfi Group has just launched a prevention campaign against the coronavirus in order to avoid possible infections, as it did in the past in similar cases such as Influenza A. The company, which has over a thousand workers and 2,000 clients accommodated per week in its resorts, has launched, with immediate effect, the preventive campaign: 'Without contact, there is no infection'. Through this initiative, employees are recommended to avoid any type of physical contact such as shaking hands, kissing or hugging, both among colleagues and with third parties, according to the memorandum. This advice is also extended to those workers who have direct contact with customers. Anfi has placed in different points of the resorts hydro alcoholic gel dispensers and informative posters to increase hygiene as prevention measures.

Likewise, the company has begun training sessions by the Hospiten Group to inform of the preventive measures to all employees.  The Anfi Group is carrying out informative talks in the different departments in order to solve any questions that may arise and provide a calm message to all.  These training sessions have been closely followed by the Company's Management, having a special impact on the chambermaids and staff who have direct contact with customers.

The aim of these didactic talks is to send updated news regarding the epidemiological emergency of the coronavirus and rule out "unnecessary alarms that only lead to confusion". The memorandum insists on "the importance of avoiding restlessness, in many cases, unfounded and ruling out alarmism that leads nowhere." In the event of a positive case of coronavirus, the memorandum continues, there is no need to enter into a panic but there is already an established protocol to treat the affected person and that entails the coordination and supervision of the health authorities.

The memorandum highlights that all prevention measures (hand cleaning, airing rooms ... etc) are always important while highlighting that the use of masks has a more psychological effect than a real effect. Only hospital masks, which cannot be purchased in the usual commercial circuit, are the only ones that would be used to prevent infections, according to information provided by the hospital centre.

The aim of this campaign is to re-educate ourselves to live with new courtesy rules that will be essential to avoid infections. These measures seek to avoid any contact by greeting and, of course, maintaining the strictest hygiene in hands and face. Therefore, this campaign has been implemented for clients and employees to inform of the new social behaviours where personal contact is to be avoided. The company is convinced that this new way of interacting with tourists will be welcomed by both customers and employees.
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