Club la Costa will sue you even if your membership has terminated (cold call)

Started by Athena Law Solicitors, April 26, 2020, 08:59:10

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Athena Law Solicitors

I have had a number of clients contact me.

The cold callers are now becoming desperate and telling lies and untruths to close deals.

The latest assertion being made is that Club la Costa will let maintenance fees build up, wait a few years and then sue even if memberships have been terminated or suspended. This is utter nonsense as I am sure Club la Costa will confirm itself. I reproduce below what I said in response to such an enquiry:

I refer to our conversation this afternoon.

CLC cannot pursue you for future maintenance fees. CLC has elected to give notice to suspend your membership. CLC cannot lift the membership unilaterally. Only you can do that. CLC has confirmed they will not contact you in the future.

Clause 5.5.1 of the scheme Rules deals with suspensions. Under the rules how it works is that a membership is terminated and kept in suspension for 5 years. During that 5 year period "the owner may apply" to reinstate their membership which will only be reinstated if the owner agrees "to be bound by the Rules". There is no provision from CLC to lift the suspension. The rules are attached. You can read them yourself.

I can confirm therefore  that CLC cannot pursue you for future maintenance fees. The Rules are clear. CLC has confirmed in writing that it will not contact you.

The ex timeshare salesman that cold called you with his or her bad advice is therefore wrong. They are either dishonest or too bone idle to read the underlying contractual documents.

Athena Law Solicitors

Athena Law Solicitors

Athena Law Solicitors

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