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Started by Worried son, May 18, 2020, 12:14:53

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Worried son


My folks have been scammed over Eze Group and in attempting to recover their lost monies.  Now they have been approached by someone in the industry recommending Claims Solution Group from Aberfeldy as the good guys to help them in a "no-win, no-fee" style.  This sounds positive but there has been talk of "fees that need paying at the time" and this sounds fishy.

Anyone out there have experience of Claims Solution Group, or it's Directors Bryan Wilson and Melanie Simmons?  Are they the good guys?  I'd appreciate your feedback so I can help my folks might the right choices.

Worried son


  do you mean Bryan Wilson the ex timeshare salesman and fake Lawyer?

Worried son

That's what I'm worried about yes.  Do you have direct experience?  Please comment I'd really like to know.
My folks think it's all for real, but your comment and others I've seen online seem to suggest otherwise?

Has he really seen the light and become poacher turned gamekeeper?


More likely, based on so many others, he is a poacher who is wearing a new coat. Still a poacher though
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 They are no longer approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

No longer registered as an Appointed Representative. The FCA says Do not start to do 'REGULATED' business with an AR that is no longer registered

John Littler

Don't trust any on them just seek advice from your local solicitor

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