Timeshare Termination Team (Truro)

Started by APC Investigations, February 25, 2020, 15:58:17

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APC Investigations

Consumers have contacted KwikChex with concerns about Timeshare Termination Team Truro.

The concerns centre on the following issues.

1. Fees are being demanded for contract termination which have not been legally substantiated. Checks by consumers found that the contracts were still said to be in force.

2. The business states that it is pursuing Section 75 claims (under the Consumer Credit Act), but it is not regulated to do so.

3. On the Timeshare Termination Team website, it states "Our mission started in 2014", implying that it has been active since that date - but the company was only incorporated in November 2019.

4. Purported client reviews on its website date back to 2015 - 4 years before the business was incorporated.

5. The website states "Timeshare Termination Team is a trading style of Exit My Timeshare Group." which is not a registered company and fails to provide the actual incorporated name and number.

Further Information -
Timeshare Business Check profile for Timeshare Termination Team Truro: https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/directory/timeshare-termination-team-truro

Reports have now been made to Cornwall Trading Standards. If you are a consumer that has concerns about the above, please contact KwikChex using our Free assistance form below and we can advise further.

Assistance is entirely free and the service is Trading Standards vetted and approved.


Harry Darby was one of the managers at Mercantile and Pretorian Legal, however, after he was treated badly by Mr and Mrs Smith he left the companies and ended up working for another 'dead-end' ex timeshare salesman Robert Pinker.

Darby says his employment experience with Mercantile, Praetorian and Pinker was disastrous and is regretful and 'a time' in his life he wants to forget.

'So please no posts'


Does that mean, he does not want his reputation to follow him?


Sounds to me he's got a bad name and can't get a job because of it ****** serves him right.


Claiming that they are experts in with no upfront fees and they operate 'no win no fee' claims policies is far beyond contempt.
The company claims their mission started in 2014, they have terminated over 500 Timeshare contracts and without taking a single penny upfront. Yet the website site was only registered 20th of June 2019. So, the claims are far beyond the truth.


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